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A quick edit that gives Jack more coverage in ME3 because she's a teacher who is sup- nah it's because the original outfit looks mega cringe.

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Requires the latest patch of ME: Legendary Edition as of release (12/06/21)

Did you ever buy the Alternate Appearance Pack back in the day and think wow, finally Jack has an outfit that isn't just a texture edit of her original mesh. Did you  also hope that some day soon someone could mod her AAP outfit into LE3?

Well keep hoping because we can't edit meshes yet.

This is the next best thing. It's a texture edit of her original outfit that extends the subway sandwich wrapper she calls an outfit to most of her upper body so she's no longer half naked trying to save her teenage students at Grissom Academy. It also patches that dumb hole in her cargo pants so that her belt isn't constantly hitting her open-air thigh.

How to install:
1) Download my mod and Mass Effect Modder from GitHub *Not the NoGui version 
2) Extract my mod and the .exe with your favourite zip extracting program and place it anywhere. (I recommend creating a folder for all your MELE mods)
3) Run MassEffectModder.exe, click 'Texture Manager' under Mass Effect 2/3 and let it scan for a few minutes. (You'll only have to do this once)
4) Once it's finished scanning, click 'Exit Texture Manager' and go to Mods Manager > Mods Installer > Add to List.
5) Click on the .mem file you want to use then > Install Selected Mods.
6) Profit.

There is currently no way to uninstall a texture mod once its been injected into your game. The only way to restore files to vanilla is if you create backups of the .dds files yourself with Mass Effect Modder or if you verify your files through Steam/Origin.