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Mohawk Scalp (Strip Part) overlayed on the Crew Cut Scalp Texture around the Mohawk Strip then blended into the Fade Cut Scalp and then blended into the Bald Scalp (ME2 <tested in game> and ME3 <checked in MEModder>) - Quick Retexture of Mohawk Hair with Fine Wavy Hair

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I think the Mohawk is kind of cool, but I like the fade with the hex cut into the side. So, why not blend them into one!

Simple (not simple, Gimp is a pain at times) merge of the base Mohawk Scalp (Strip Part) overlayed on the Crew Cut Scalp Texture around the Mohawk Strip then blended into the Fade Cut Scalp and that package blended into the Bald Scalp so it blends onto the head better.

There is still a bit of discoloration on the back neck, probably due to how Gimp handles the Alpha Channel of the diffuse textures. I had to extract each of the above's Alpha Channels trim to the exact area I was blending, then blend all those as separated image files into a new image and put that back in the finished Scalp as the new alpha. For the whole, it worked but I am damn sure there is a better way, I'm just kludging around here.

There are two MEM files included:

HMF_Mohawk_Scalp_W_Fade  - The new Mohawk Scalp that replaces the default mohawk scalp.

HMF_Mohawk_Scalp_Orginal   - Original scalp texture you can use to replace the above if it is barftastic.

You will need the Mass Effect Modder ( GitHub - MassEffectModder/MassEffectModder: Mass Effect Modder (MEM) ) to load the MEM file.

Unzip the above, the run it and then run the Texture Manager at least once (may not be needed, but other tools need to build the database so I expect this does also), then goto the Mods Manager -> Mod Installer in the interface and load the above mod you want and install it.


This has been tested in game for MELE Mass Effect 2 and works.

I created a one for MELE Mass Effect 3 since the Mohawk Scalp Diffuse appears identical for MELE Mass Effect 3, so I extracted the file with MEModder add replaced the proper identifier on the end.  I only tested by installing the changed and the original then checking with Texture Explorer in MEModder.

Update 1.1    - Redid the blend using pathing in Gimp to try and eliminate seam. Smoothed the Alpha Channel blend also.

Update 1.2    - Tweaked the front of the Mohawk Scalp area and added a separate file for a quick and dirty retex of the Mohawk Hair Texture (Wavy Hair - Tried to make it not look so flat).

Update 1.3    -  Added a Tweaked Mohawk Hair Retex - A bit Darker and with a Alpha Transparency blend to make a bit thinned out and not so clumpy.
                       -  Reuploaded the 1_2 ME3 Mohawk Scalp and Hair Bundle (Has the MEM files, not the loose files in directories. Umm, whoops)

Head Morph Scalp Texture Notes:

Using the default Mohawk Scalp textures for the Norm will not show the faked in relief for the hex cutouts in the Fade area. I did not tinker with Normal maps because if I remember from my Skyrim/Fallout days, they are a real pain in the keister with Gimp.

Easiest way is to replace them using the Trilogy Editor ( Trilogy Save Editor at Mass Effect Legendary Edition Nexus - Mods and community ( )

Replace the HED_Scalp_Norm with;


I also used a blank black texture for the masking/spec for the scalp

In the HED_Scalp_Spec;


For those who edit the RON with a text editor and cut and paste:

"HED_Scalp_Norm": "BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.PROCustomfade03.HMF_HIR_PROCustomfade03_Norm",

"HED_Scalp_Spec": "BIOG_HMF_HED_PROMorph_R.Base.HMF_HED_PROCustom_Blank_Black",