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Complexion edit for Jane Shepard, will replace Default Jane's complexion but can be used on any custom made Jane through the save editor, will provide codes in the description below.

Update 2.0: Added Mass effect 1 and 2 compatibility. They are separate files, codes for ME1/2 ProShep below.

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This is my first complexion edit for the series, but I hope to bring many more! With update 2.0, I've added compatibility for ME1 and 2 as well as 3, So your shepard will look as consistent as possible through the trilogy. 

I've pretty much removed the heavy eye makeup that's been painted onto Default Jane, I softened the freckles so they aren't as harsh, and I altered the lip shape and color. The lip shape should simulate over-lining your lips in real life, without any weird lines. I've tested this on several different janes that i've created in a shorter time frame, with various lip shapes and it's flattering on all that i've tried. ^^

To use in game

To use in game, you need to first install the textures, then using the trilogy save editor you need to swap your Shepard's textures. I advise that you use all ProShep textures, right down to the scalp. The Normal map and the diffuse are what has been changed, but i've found that using the scalp as well will leave as little of a line as possible. Codes below.

Mass Effect 1 and 2 codes: 

Mass Effect 3 Codes: 

You'll need to install this using MEM, instructions below. 

BEFORE YOU DO ANY TEXTURE EDITING--back up your files please. With MEM there is no proper way to uninstall a texture mod without doing a clean install of Mass effect Legendary. Obviously that's impractical, so please, back up your files of Jane's complexions BEFORE installing my mod! Thank you!

To install you need Mass effect modder, which you can download heree 

(Image courtesy of munchyfly on the Mass Effect Modding Discord)

To install, open up MassEffectModder.exe, and go to textures manager under ME3. Let it scan the vanilla textures (you only need to do this once-- it should be noted that you need to index these items on a completely vanilla game, no coalesced edits no nothing. Sucks, but you only need to do it once then you can re-install all of your precious mods), then exit the texture manager and open up the mods manager also under ME3. Go to mods installer, click add to list, find Shaundi452_JaneComplexionEdit.mem, add it and any other mods you'd like to install to your list, and install them. 

The shepard used in the promo images is my Jenny Shepard from my original playthrough of ME2 almost ten years ago! I've customized her head morph with the save editor since then, but it's the same 'ol girl. She has very little additional makeup on in the screen shots aside from eye liner, which isn't included in the texture itself. I have included a picture of Default Jane in the new game screen for reference of what the texture looks like in-game with no additional edits.