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About this mod

This mod retextures the Hoody to remove the N7 symbol and adds various Pride retextures. This includes Autism, Neurodivergence and LGBTQA+ Pride

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What is this mod?

This mod retextures the Hoody to remove the N7 symbol and add various Pride retextures.
For both LE2 and LE3
This includes Autism, Neurodivergence and LGBTQ+ Pride variations
See images to see all the variations

The Gold Infinity was something I found online meaning Autism Acceptance.
Not 100% sure on it but the idea behind it is heartwarming so I included
some Gold variations on top of the Rainbow variations.

Why does the heart seem to glow for Femshep at some angles/lights?

In some lights/angles the Female Shepard versions looks like it is glowing.
It uses same normals as Male except for the hand so not that.
and nothing on the specular should be doing it
as it is setup same as the Mshep versions.
so could be shaders maybe.
But once I figure out why, I will roll out new versions.

But I wanted to upload them still for anyone that wants to use them.

Will you be making anything else for this Pride mod page?

Eventually my LGBTQ+ Pride Bedding I made for the Original Trilogy will also be uploaded here.

How do I install this mod?

Use the latest version of Mass Effect Modder 503+
First extract MassEffectModder.exe from the zip folder
Then open MassEffectModder.exe
Click on Mods Manager > Mods Installer
Click add to list, locate your desired mods and then select them
Install all mods (or selected mods with Shift + LMB)

How do I uninstall this mod?

Using the Uninstall mods available under Optional Files
or restoring your game to vanilla by repairing the game.

Thank you so much
Addy Jenkins for requesting the Rainbow Infinity Hoodies
Leanring about the meanings means a lot to me <3

and to Dunmr and Dmitrias
for always being so helpful <3