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Improvements to storming/sprinting in LE1. Tap a button to sprint instead of holding, sprint in any direction independent of the camera, control the camera while sprinting with a controller, turn faster and generally be more agile while sprinting.

Permissions and credits
Ever thought sprinting in lE1 felt clunky and restrictive? It doesn't have to.

  • Sprint in any direction, including towards the camera, with both controller and keyboard/mouse. No more forcing you to stop if you try to sprint at more 90+ degrees away from straight forward
  • sprint by tapping Left Alt (remappable in game) or clicking the left controller stick. You will stop sprinting automatically when you release the stick/movement keys
  • control the camera while sprinting with controller, both because I have freed up your right thumb and because I disabled the code that removes all camera control while using a controller
  • increased camera sensitivity while sprinting
  • increased turn speed
  • decreased time between stopping sprinting and the character actually stopping
  • you can do more actions while sprinting, and other actions automatically interrupt sprinting
  • to account for the changes to control scheme on controller, I have moved crouch to right stick press, and change zoom level (which was previously on right stick press, and only did anything while zooming with a sniper rifle) to RB tap.

This must be installed using ME3Tweaks Mod Manager. It cannot be installed manually.

To fully uninstall, you must remove the DLC mod in Manage Target within the mod manager and restore SFXGame.pcc from backup. However, just removing the DLC mod should revert it to vanilla behavior.

there are no known incompatible mods.

future plans:
  • I would like to add install or Mod Settings Menu options to customize the features of this mod, allowing you to use only some of them, or fine tune things like the turning speed or camera sensitivity while sprinting.
  • I would like to improve how this interacts with cover. For example, you cannot back out of cover directly into a sprint towards the camera. I would like to enable this.