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ME3 Alliance/Spectre Blue/Red retextures of the Cerberus Harrier to be more lore friendly when using the weapon as Shepard in Mass Effect 3

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Requires June 7th ME:LE Update

Alliance/Spectre Harrier retextures.

Included are 8 different color retextures of the cerberus harrier. Solid Blue, Solid Red, Blue with Black Logo, Red with Black Logo, alliance and spectre versions of each. I also edited the tint file so that when using the part that changes the guns body it does the entire top and with that it's better to use the solid color ones rather than the black logo. Only install one color at a time. 

Not taking any requests for other colors at this time but if something is easy enough I might add it. I can't guarantee that the mod will work through updates but if updates do break it I'll do my best to update it asap. 


To install this you must download Mass Effect modder from:

Download MassEffectModder-v???.7z for Windows. ??? will be current version number which as of writing is 501.

Once downloaded and opened. Click textures manager under ME3 and let it scan the vanilla textures. This only has to be done once and your game must be completely vanilla, no coalesced edits. This only needs to be done once. When scan is completed exit texture manager and then open up the mods manager under ME3.

Click add to list, choose ONE color that you want, and then install it.