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Changes the Cerberus Spirit, nightmare and shade armors to Alliance colors. Femshep only at this time, also changes the helmet with the 2.0 update.

Update 2.5 brings sheploo into the fray with the John Shepard Alliance Ghost armor!

Update 2.6 Adds Alliance Stealth

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Update 2.6.1
Alliance stealth has been added! I spent about a week fine tuning the textures and various maps for this armor, including a darker helmet. I added an actual boot tread and customized a gauntlet of sorts using pieces of Liara's armor. I hope you'll enjoy! 

Added helmet support for N7 Ghost!

Update 2.5 
Added the John Shepard Alliance Ghost Armor, though I am told that you cannot unlock this armor through the save editor, you have to unlock it through getting a max score at the Armax Arena. I am sure there is a way around this, however. Enjoy! 

Photo cred goes to my good friend JohnC2211 

Update 2.2
Added two small variations, Commander T'soni and N7 Ghost. They're inspired by Liara's alternate costume and one of the ME3 multiplayer costumes. They both lack helmet support at this time, however if you've installed the alliance variation, it will use that helmet instead. If there's demand i'll make an update but as these are optional files, I don't see the demand being high. 

Enjoy chooms! 

Update 2.0:
Version 2.0 is here! Adds Helmet support in the appropriate Alliance blue, as well as a suggestion from LIetya to move the N7 to the right side of her chest. 

I've also added an optional file that replaces the Alliance logo with a Spectre logo. 

As the title says, retextures the cerberus armors that were part of the citadel DLC to Alliance colors! I used Brooks' textures and shifted the alliance logo a little to the left to make room for the N7 logo. I didn't change the helmet, but that isn't a big deal to me since I use a coalesced edit to remove the helmet anyway. You can download it here

BEFORE YOU DO ANY TEXTURE EDITING--back up your files please. With MEM there is no proper way to uninstall a texture mod without doing a clean install of Mass effect Legendary. Obviously that's impractical, so please, either back up your files or use the optional file I have included of the Vanilla Cerberus armor. 

To install you need Mass effect modder, which you can download heree 

(Image courtesy of munchyfly on the Mass Effect Modding Discord)

To install, open up MassEffectModder.exe, and go to textures manager under ME3. Let it scan the vanilla textures (you only need to do this once-- it should be noted that you need to index these items on a completely vanilla game, no coalesced edits no nothing. Sucks, but you only need to do it once then you can re-install all of your precious mods), then exit the texture manager and open up the mods manager also under ME3. Go to mods installer, click add to list, find Alliance Spirit.mem, add it and any other mods you'd like to install to your list, and install them. 

As I said, I did NOT change the helmet textures, so the back of the helmet is still Cerberus orange. I personally prefer to remove the helmet, but if there is demand for an alliance blue helmet, I will make one! 

This is my first mod for any mass effect game, so please go easy on me! I hope you'll enjoy it. :D 

Thank you to everyone in the mass effect modding discord for their kind words of encouragement and their patience with me while I figured this stuff out yesterday.