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A mod that replaces the Default FemShep's (as in, the non-customizable version's) textures with high-resolution edits that include mo' freckles, mo' details, mo' everything. Multiple variants & support for Custom Shepards lurk within! Currently only for ME1 -- ME2 and ME3 parity versions on the way!

Permissions and credits
** Working & Created with the June 7th ME LE Patch! **
Please make sure your game is patched otherwise I'm not sure what will happen :]

With Mass Effect Modder being updated to support Texture Replacements in Legendary Edition (And UModel now supporting the game as well) I finally felt like I could dip my grubby little hands into the game and do the one thing that was kind of driving me insane the entire time playing ME1 (Which I am still on in my playthrough...)

Fix Default FemShep's face!

Don't get me wrong, I like the original texture just fine. It just wasn't.... Covered in freckles enough for me. I always headcanoned FemShep as being a proper soulless ginger. Nothing halfway; full freckles everywhere, and the little splotches we got in the remaster weren't conveying that enough for me. So that inspired me to crack out the ol' Substance Painter and give myself-- And by extension, the rest of you --the freckled FemShep we deserve. I then took the liberty of making the textures 4K instead of the default 2K and update the speculars/normal maps and... Here we are.

To install, use the Mass Effect Modder tool (Latest version w/ GUI) and load your desired .mem file using the Mods Installer. There are three four FIVE flavours of ~freckle~ for download here;

  • 1K (Low res; Use this if your computer is utter hot garbage, and struggles with ME1 LE normally)
  • 2k (Usual res; Use this if you run ME1 LE with solid FPS or meet the vanilla game requirements)
  • 4k (High res; Use this if you have a high-end computer)
  • Makeup-Free (All resolutions included; a version with FemShep's makeup removed/toned down)
  • Custom Shepard w/ and w/o makeup (All resolutions included; a version that replaces the third 'freckled' complexion with this texture for custom Shepards)

Only download one! If you download and install all four they'll probably just end up overwriting one another and it'll just be an exercise in futility for you. Pick your poison and stick to it. Preview pictures are taken with the 4k version of the mod.

Mini FAQ
Q: Will this be for ME2 and ME3 as well?
A: Yes! I did ME1 first 'cause it's the game I'm playing, but I'll be getting to ME2 and ME3 ASAP! Hopefully the process of transferring everything won't be too chaotic!

Q: Can I use these textures as a modder's resource?
A: If you know enough to get them out of MEM, then yes. Just credit and link back pls <3 Or better yet send the mod to me for me to see! I'd love to see what people do with it [:

P.S. I've also made an HD eye mod that is being used in the preview pictures which I'll be releasing shortly as well. So if you notice strangely detailed eyes, that's why!