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This is a port of my Mass Effect 3 texture mod "Alliance Ajax Armor" that I made years ago as Tarkov33 on the BSN forums based on Smarteck's High Resolution Ajax Armor mod

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Requires June 7th Mass Effect Legendary Edition Patch

Texture modding was announced as supported today now that Mass Effect Modder works with Legendary Edition and I wanted to see if I could bring my first and favorite Mass Effect modding project over because we don't need to wear no Cerberus colors! First download my mod and extract the .mem file with a program like 7zip to wherever you want. To install this you need to download Mass Effect Modder here, click whichever the newest .7z file (ONLY USE NEWEST VERSIONS v500+ ON MASS EFFECT MODDER, any version number below v500 is for the Original Trilogy) is that doesn't say NoGui to download it, extract the .exe wherever you want

(Image courtesy of munchyfly on the Mass Effect Modding Discord)

Open MassEffectModder.exe, click the Textures Manager under Mass Effect 3 and let it scan your textures, then click Exit Texture Manager, click Mods Manager (still under Mass Effect 3), Mods Installer -> Add to List, select Alliance Ajax Armor MELE3 v1.4.mem, then click my mod on the list of loaded mods and click the list of loaded mods and click "Install selected mods"

No Helmet Mod

If you want to use this without a helmet use this mod, I've tested it and
confirmed it works, though when helmets are forced on it will use the
default N7 helmet which doesn't match this, sorry but it's not my mod
and I'd have no idea how to fix it if it was

ME3LE Full Set Armors without Helmets

Reshade used in all my Screenshots:

Illusive Reshade ME1

How to Uninstall
I have been informed there is no proper way to uninstall texture
replacement .mem files to a vanilla 'unchanged' state (at least as far
as Mass Effect Modder is concerned) without Repair/Reinstall/Verify Game
so if you want to fully uninstall those are your best options, but I've uploaded the vanilla Legendary Edition
Cerberus Ajax Armor textures .mem file if you just want to replace those
back over my textures you installed to get back to the vanilla look.

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