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Normal difficulty Level 29 Soldier FemShep with Spacer-War Hero/Full Paragon/Completionist/Rich/Kaidan Romance

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Save files for my ME1 Custom FemShep Soldier (Spacer/War Hero) playthrough on Normal difficulty. I finished the game before the June 7th patch, so she is level 29 Legendary Edition scaling (the highest attainable pre-patch). This equates to level 57 Classic scaling. You will get the max ME2 import bonuses (unless the June 7th patch changes something, but I'm guessing the import bonus will remain the same).

Completed all side quests using 100% Paragon choices/outcomes, found all resources/points of interest, and banked 999,999,999 credits and like 800 omnigel (although I am not sure if/how the June 7th patch will change credits upon import). 

I romanced Kaidan, avoiding entanglements from Liara and her creepy, supercharged sex hormones. In other words, NO LOVE TRIANGLES. See more images of what my FemShep looks like across games   
here (my face code and headmorph file upload). I used only the in-game character creator, so you don't need to download anything to get the same appearance as the images.


If you want to import a finished game into ME2, or want to start an ME1 NG+, then 

* Download the ME1 End Credits Save.

* Unzip the file and extract it to the following location:

Documents > Bioware > Mass Effect Legendary Edition > Save > ME1 > Char

* NOTE: If you don't have a Char folder, add a new folder to  the Save > ME1 location & name it Char

* I chose the Paragon-like person with regard to the Council decision.


If you want to do the fight with *Final Boss* yourself, then 

* Download the ME1 Final Showdown. You will have Kaidan and Garrus. 

* Make a folder named Jane01 in Save > ME1. The path would look like this: 

Documents > Bioware > Mass Effect Legendary Edition > Save > ME1 > Jane01

* Start game & load Save 35 (Citadel Tower, I think).

NOTE: If you already have your own Jane01 folder/save with a Jane01_35.pcsav, backup your save to a safe location before dropping my save game in the folder. That way my save file does not overwrite  your other game save.

Just in case it makes a difference to you, I used console commands to give everyone the best wet gear early in the game. Because it's important to look great while saving galaxies, I gave everyone whatever decent armor I thought looked the best (will be very good armor, but maybe not the best armor). I also kept everyone's armor level fairly consistent with whatever level was dropping in game at the time. 

I did not use console commands for weapons/superarmor/mods/skills/exp. However I did give myself credits early game...cannot remember how much.