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Play the entire game in first-person.

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For the first time, the game's combat and exploration have been combined into a seamless first-person experience! Caution, cognitohazard: May cause false memories of a world where Mass Effect was never a third-person shooter. Handle with care.

- As of v1.2, Shepard will appear in first-person when in combat and not in cover!
- Cover and visibility are now an important part of gameplay, as all combat cameras have been adjusted for the new perspective. This includes multiple depths of corner peeking/shooting and a dynamic lean feature.
- Movement in exploration mode has been modified to feel more responsive, and coming to a stop is smooth, without that pesky extra step. The turn speed of sprinting has been increased, and sprinting does not change the FOV -- sprinting in combat instead uses a (very slight) camera wobble to achieve the necessary effect.
- Elevator rides are in first-person, as well as crouching in exploration mode.
- Conversations and vehicle gameplay are as normal.

Install via ME3MM. If for some reason you're only interested in one of the first-person modes, you can select which on install.

An LE2 version is available. An LE3 version is coming Soon™.

Incompatible with Proper Convo-Cutscene Skipper (LE1). Installing this mod after MassFPS will cause wireframe or invisible heads in conversations.

Strongly recommended mods for the best FPS experience:
No Mouse Acceleration for ME1 LE
No ESP (LE1)
Omni-Key Separator
 or your preferred unlimited sprint mod

Also consider:
Deadly Combat
LE1 Transparent Lens Flares
Elements of Comparative Weaponry

Known issues:
- When transitioning from a conversation back to the game, you might not be facing the person you were talking to.
- The camera interacts poorly with certain cover geometry if you find the right camera position.
- Some clipping of the arms when switching to/from the sniper rifle or assault rifle. This is probably unavoidable.
- Inability to turn when using a controller and sprinting (fix planned).
- Shepard has no head in the death cam (fix planned).

If you have videos or screenshots of this mod, please add them!

For modders:
Drag the .m3m files into ME3MM to extract the raws. See the Articles tab for an explanation of the code.