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Face code (and exported HeadMorph) for my FemShep. She is a normal looking female soldier. Since I am a woman and a veteran, I happen to know what that looks like :).

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This is my custom FemShep I made using only the in-game character creator. I am probably just biased, but she looks fantastic in ME2 (see images). I imagine she will port well into ME3, but I am not there yet to see for myself.  The answer to how she ported into LE3 is unfortunately not a simple one, lol. The LE3 images include a few tweaks, and I used lumad11's eyebrow texture and Kassandra's eye texture  (See the end of this post for quick instructions on porting into LE3.)   

To Use Face Code in a new game (no other mod is required) 

* Download the Face Code .txt file

* Copy & paste the code into the character creation screen.

* I included character creation instructions for new members of our ME family :)

* The Face Code will work across all 3 games, since it is just a face code. 

 To Use Face Code in existing game, you need  Trilogy Save Editor by Karlitos.
       * Download the Face Code .txt file

       * Open your most recent save.

* Go to the General tab.

* Paste the Face Code into the "Identity Code" box,

* Save

To Use HeadMorph (need  Trilogy Save Editor )

*Download either the ME1 or ME2 HeadMorph file

* Extract file to preferred location. If you need a headmorph for ME3, see below directions.

* Open the save editor and click on "Open." 

* Find your most recent MELE save and click on it.

* Then select the HeadMorph tab and click on "Import."

* Select the downloaded HeadMorph file, then select save and you're done.

* The Trilogy Editor Head Morph Notes and Basic Guide by ColBatguano has more advanced info.

* Headmorph has 0 customizations. It's the face I made with the in-game character creator.

** To Port into LE3 **

Apply the ME3 HeadMorph using above instructions. (I was using the above mentioned textures when I created the HeadMorph file...don't know enough about headmorphs to know if this makes a difference, so mentioning it just in case)

To use the imported Face Code from LE2, choose to customize appearance in the character creator 

Copy/Paste the original Face Code into the character creator. I know it is the exact same code, but for some reason it fixed a lot of weirdness from the import.

If  HeadMorph file does not work in your game, you can create your own.

* Start a new "junk" game.

       * Create a custom Shepard using the provided Face Code.

* Save your junk game at the first opportunity, then exit the game.

* Use the trilogy editor to export the headmorph from the junk game, and save it to your computer.

* Follow the instructions in the first section for importing a headmorph.

NOTE: I used one of the palest skin tones (4 clicks from the far right), since she is a red head (most of us actually have very fair skin and do not tan easily). If you prefer a darker tone, simply adjust the Skin Tone slider. I still think she looks great regardless, but just wanted to give fair warning in case you think this might bother you.

I have 2 completionist** save games using this character - ME1 Saves and ME2 Save