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When using controller aim assist is enabled. Many players don't like that. This mod turn off Aim Assist.

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When using controller, aim assist is enabled. Many players hate that. This mod turn off Aim Assist.

1. Download file.
2. Install by ME3Tweaks Mod Manager or install manually: unzip it and in folders you find “Coalesced_INT.bin”, take it and drop & replace to <install directory>\Mass Effect Legendary Edition\Game\ME1\BioGame\CookedPCConsole\   (First you may want backup your original Coaelsced_INT.bin ). 

You can install this whatever time you want ( before or after any mod doesn't matter ).
Starting new game is not needed.
Compatible with all mods that not replace the same file (Coalesced_INT.bin ). 
Compatible will all languages.

If you installed manually – replace Coalesced_INT.bin with Coalesced_INT.bin from backup you made. If you installed with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager and you don't have backup use also above method.
If you installed with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager (and you have backup in ME3Tweaks ):
1. open M3Tweaks Manager and click "Manage Target" (first make sure that location is for ME1 Legendary Edition ).

2. Click "Modified basegame files" and find "BioGame\CookedPCConsole\Coalesced_INT.bin and at right of it there is button "Restore" (click on it and you will be asked if restore - click Yes )

You can download versions of that mod (Controller Disable Aim Assist ) for other Mass Effect games: LE2 and LE3 (for those games mod is compatible with all other mods ).

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Kudos for all folks who first find and share what commands and values in Coalesced files do specific things.

Big kudos for Mgamerz and ME3Tweaks Group for tools what make unpacking & repacking Coalesced much faster & easier.

ME3Tweaks Group : Legendary Explorer

ME3Tweaks : ME3Tweaks Mod Manager