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About this mod

Mass Effect 1 Legendary vanilla allows you to play English speech with english subtitles, or localized speech with localized subtitles.
This "mod" allows you to play with english speech and localized subtitles.

Permissions and credits
I was a bit pissed that I could not play ME1 with english voices and french subtitles, so with a lot of try and error, I made this little mod that I hope might help people enjoy the game the way they want.


This tool makes backups of the game files, and should allow you to revert to the original state of the game. It does not mess with your savegame or anything critical.
If you need a fresh cleanup, just "verify" your files.
For now it's only for Mass Effect 1 : Legendary
An update might revert the files to their original state, and therefore revert to the original language.

How to use

The tool requires .net 4.5 to work.

Download the archive, unzip it wherever you want, preferably not too far away from the game. Warning : be sure to keep the hashes text file in the same directory as the exe, it is needed for consistency checks.

Feel free to virus-scan the exe as you like, it's clean (a simple .Net Winforms app).

Locate the ME1 directory inside your file tree, select the ME1 directory. The tool should react if the directory is right/wrong.
Select the localization you will be using (for the subtitles).

Apply the patch, this might take up to a few minutes (warning, you'll need a little free space to allow for backups, something around 1.5-2 gigs).
Once you get the completion message, close the tool, configure the launcher on the language you wish, and start the game, the speeches should now be in english.

The tool only unlocks the vanilla packed localizations : French (Français), German (Deutsch), Italian (Italiano), Russian (Pусский), Polish (Polskie)

Warning : if your steam games directory is in the Program Files, you *might* have to start the tool with administrative privileges, although i have not tested it, any feedback welcome

Known bugs

  • The voice in the character creation menu is still localized, I could not find where to change it.
  • The speech sometimes stutters, nothing to worry about for what I have seen.

Please do not hesitate to report any issue that you might encounter
I've only played the game partially, so some part might have been overlooked.