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Raise the stakes of the emblematic Mass Effect 2 finale.

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General Objectives

  • Include a random element -> To keep the mission tense and improve replayability. Even knowing the mechanics, there is no absolute safety net, anyone can die. Yet, the goal is not to have a completely random experience, but to let the player manage the odds, and take risks knowingly. 
  • Preserve player agency -> Offer decisions that do matter. Unlike in vanilla, the decisions do no rest on knowing/guessing which choices are correct or incorrect. Rather, the decisions are about managing the individual strengths of your current team (which will depend on some of your choices during the rest of the playthrough -- not just loyalty), taking chances for a possible later payoff, and putting some squadmates more at risk to preserve others.
  • Improve squadmate characterization -> Use a more individual approach to describe the way each squadmate is prepared & motivated for the mission. Give a chance of success for squadmates that automatically fail at certain tasks in vanilla.
  • Restore hidden content -> Some cutscenes/squadmates combinations are impossible to see in vanilla (e.g. Thane succeeding at the biotic bubble). Some cutscenes are adapted depending on your squadmates' individual situations (e.g. Hold the Line leader will be one of your top squadmates).
  • Include an optional cheat -> All lost squadmates and crew members can be revived after the suicide mission. This is meant for people who find the idea interesting but still want to start the next game with everyone alive.

New Mechanics

  • No absolute win/lose condition. Any selected squadmate has a chance to succeed at any task, or to fail at it. But the odds heavily depend on some of your choices.
  • Readiness Score. Each squadmate is assigned a Readiness Score (between Very Low and Very High), which depends on several things before the Suicide Mission, like Loyalty or participation in the 3 main Collector missions. The Readiness Score has a strong influence on how likely a squadmate is to succeed at a given task. It is displayed in-game before any choice where it matters.
  • Readiness boosts during the Suicide Mission. Squadmates selected for specific tasks during the Suicide Mission will receive a strong Readiness boost, which can benefit them and the squad later. There is thus a significant incentive to take the risk of selecting less-than-ideal squadmates (Low-Medium Readiness). Squadmates selected to be in the fighting squad during the suicide mission also receive a Readiness Boost.
  • Hold the Line Heroes. During the final moments of the mission (Hold the Line & Final fight), each squadmate will be tested individually against their Readiness, with Low Readiness squadmates having a large probability of dying. However, in the Hold the Line group, higher Readiness squadmates have a chance of performing a heroic save of other squadmates. The two selected for the last fight are on their own: they cannot be saved by others, nor save others.
  • Collector Base Approach. All three events during the approach in the Normandy have a chance to play out positively or negatively (squadmate death), whether the corresponding ship upgrade is installed or not, although the chance of failure is larger if it is not installed. Unlike in vanilla, who dies in case of failure is not written in stone. Unlike the OT version of this mod, here all 3 upgrades can be purchased without restriction.
  • If you can't deal with the losses. Once you regain control of the Normandy after the mission, a cheat gives you the possibility to revive all dead squad and crew members. Go to the Captain's cabin in the Normandy and interact with the Prothean Relic. 

The full details of the mechanics are given in this article. It is not absolutely necessary to read it, as the new mechanics should be mostly self-explanatory while playing. However, since my goal was to create a system that remains interesting even when the mechanics are known, it should not "ruin" the experience either.

Changes from the OT version of the mod

For those who played Risky Suicide Mission in the Original version of the game, note that a few things have changed in this LE port:

  • All 3 ships upgrades can be purchased without restriction. Probabilities of failure have been adapted.
  • There is no longer any contribution to Readiness from the somewhat arbitrary moral alignment of the squadmates (Paragon/Renegade/Neutral).
  • Instead, squadmates selected to fight alongside Shepard during the Suicide Mission (The Vents & The Long Walk) receive a +1 Readiness boost.
  • The Hold the Line cutscene has been adapted so that the front squadmates are those of higher Readiness, and the ones who appear to be shot are ones at higher risk of dying.

If you are feeling supportive, you can buy me all 3 upgrades


Installation with Mod Manager

Install as a DLC mod with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
  • Drag and drop the compressed (.7z) mod file for Risky Suicide Mission into the Mod manager window, and import it.
  • Select the mod in the Mod Manager library list (for LE2) and click "Apply Mod".
  • Verify that the adequate options are selected for compatibility patches with other mods (some may need to be installed before Risky Suicide Mission)

Flexible Installation Timing
  • Install anytime during a playthrough, as long as it's BEFORE the start of the Suicide Mission (when going through the Omega-4 relay).
  • That said, it is preferable to install it before the Horizon mission (otherwise some bonuses will be given to default squadmates, rather than depend on your choices).

Language Support
  • The mod was developed with the english version of the game, but it should work fine in all languages supported by the game.
  • French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Russian are fully translated.
  • In other languages, the few lines of text added by this mod will be in English.


This mod is not compatible with:
  • LE2 Liara Squadmate. Not even with the autopatcher: some of the files not addressed by the autopatcher concern the Suicide Mission logic, which is obviously important here. A user reported playing the Suicide Mission with both mods without serious issues, as long as Liara is not used for certain roles (see in comments). You may also try to play with both mods for most of the game, then uninstall Liara Squadmate before going through the Omega-4 relay. This is untested, so no guarantees either.
  • Big Guddamn Hero and Miri's Long Walk. These mods make Zaeed/Miranda able to succeed as Team Leader/Biotic Specialist within the vanilla system of the suicide mission. Risky Suicide Mission already made it possible for both of these squadmates to succeed at those tasks. 

This mod is only partially compatible with (the effects of these mods will be disabled by Risky Suicide Mission in some areas of the Suicide Mission):

This mod is natively compatible with (no compatibility patches needed):
  • Early Recruitment (incl. Legion module. Readiness bonuses for participating in main missions are properly adapted for the cases where certain squadmates are recruited earlier; see the Detailed Mechanics for more info).

This mod includes compatibility patches for
 (compatibility requires to install those mods before Risky Suicide Mission, and check that the compatibility patches are properly applied, during installation of Risky Suicide Mission):

There should not be compatibility issues with other mods.
However, note that the modifications made by Risky Suicide Mission in different files are highly inter-dependent. Any future mod with a higher mount order, and which modifies some of the same files as my mod, has a high chance of creating serious incompatibilities.

Special Thanks

  • Mgamerz, SirCxyrtyx, d00t, HenBagle, Kinkojiro, and anyone who contributed to ME3Tweaks Mod Manager and ME3/LegendaryExplorer.
  • beccatoria and Marcus22Khaar for help and permission for compatibility patches.
  • elizabethnessie for the Russian translation.
  • Krozt for the Italian translation.