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Travel faster between planets and systems on the galaxy map.

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  • This is a simple mod that makes the mini-Normandy travel faster on the galaxy map (both within systems, and within clusters).

  • Fuel consumption is not affected. 

  • It is calibrated so as to remain easily manageable, without overshooting the destination too often... but it might require a little bit of practice.

  • It might be just a little bit unfair for those poor mini-Reapers that are never going to catch anything. I might look into making them faster as well, in some distant future. 

If you are feeling supportive, you can buy me a cute mini-Reaper


Install with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager.

  • Drag and drop the compressed (.7z) mod file for Faster Normandy into the Mod manager window, and import it.
  • Select the mod in the Mod Manager library list (for LE3) and click "Apply Mod".
  • This is installed as a mergemod to SFXGame.pcc (you can check in Manage Target -> Modified basegame files, but it won't show if you already have textures installed).

Uninstall with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager.

  • Option 1: Simply click "Apply Mod" once again, and select the "Vanilla" option, to revert all effects of the mod.
  • Option 2: Go in Manage Target (for LE3), and restore SFXGame.pcc under the "Modified basegame files". This will also revert any modifications to this file made by other mods.


  • This is incompatible with the Galactic War (Alpha) option in EGM. It won't crash or anything, but Faster Normandy simply won't have any effect. I doubt there will ever be a compatibility patch... I'm open to it, but this appears to be an intentional design choice in EGM, which makes sure to override mods like Faster Normandy or mods that affect scanning range, so that it can set its own values depending on upgrades you can buy in-game.
  • Afaik, there shouldn't be any compatibility issues with other mods (including those messing with scan range or reaper alertness, etc).


To Mgamerz, SirCxyrtyx, d00t, HenBagle, Kinkojiro, and anyone who contributed to ME3Tweaks Mod Manager and ME3/LegendaryExplorer.