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Removes the screen shake effect when sprinting and when using the Mako's boost and jump jets in Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition

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This mod for ME1 LE removes the screen shake effect when sprinting, and when using the boost and jump jets in the Mako. As well as removing the screen shake, this mod also provides an option for a reduced screen shake when using the Mako.


This mod should be compatible with most other LE1 mods as it uses the new merge format to make edits. Another mod that alters screen shake may override the changes from this one if it installed after, and vice versa.


You must install this mod with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager version 7.0 or above. Manual installation is not possible, and lower version of the mod manager will not work. Drag and drop the .7z file into the Mod Manager window. Import, and then install the mod. You will be prompted to select an option for storm screen shake and for the Mako screen shake upon installation.

You can install the mod again to change any of the options. This mod should be able to be installed at any time, including after texture mods.

The proper way to uninstall this mod is to restore your LE1 SFXGame.pcc file from a backup. If you would simply like to reverse any of the changes applied by this mod, install the mod again through the mod manager and select both of the "Vanilla" options. This will re-enable screen shake while leaving any changes to SFXGame.pcc by other mods intact.

  • Special thanks to Mgamerz for designing the merge format.

Remove Storm Screen Shake (LE2)