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Replaces Myriad Pro font with "Tigensu", the secondary iconic Mass Effect font, for the entire trilogy (including Launcher). This mod also makes UI adjustments such as fixing misaligned text and HUD elements and overhauling the dialogue wheel.

Permissions and credits
What is Myriad Pro and Tigensu?
In the original Mass Effect (2007), the entire UI consisted of 2 fonts. One was BioMass, and the other was Tigensu. BioMass was typically used for headers, while Tigensu was used for subheaders and paragraph text. In Mass Effect 2/3, while BioMass continued to be used, Tigensu was replaced entirely by Myriad Pro.

In Legendary Edition, BioWare went back and replaced some of LE1's UI with Myriad Pro (such as subtitles, the dialogue wheel, message pop-ups etc).

Myriad Pro is a particularly irritating font for me personally because it just so happens to be the font that Adobe defaults to if the font is missing. So to me, the UI in Mass Effect has always felt like a big After Effects file with missing fonts. Also, Tigensu frankly looks way better suited for a Sci-Fi game and I have no idea why they decided to remove it. Luckily, we have modding.

Dialogue Wheel and Other HUD Adjustments
Replacing the fonts in Mass Effect is relatively easy. However due to the fact that Tigensu is so differently shaped than Myriad Pro, most of the text and margins across the majority of UI files required manually scaling down. While doing this, I also decided to fix some other grievances I've had with the UI over the years. These are things such as misaligned UI elements, and other tweaks that I made to make all 3 games feel consistent. For example, the dialogue wheel and target indicators in LE3 are positioned at the very edges of the screen. In order to keep the design consistent with LE1/2, I've repositioned them for design parity across the trilogy.

This mod also has 2 installation options regarding the dialogue wheel. In vanilla, Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 use an orange/yellow dialogue wheel, while Mass Effect 3 uses a blue/red one. By default, this mod changes the colouration of LE1's dialogue wheel to Aqua in order to match the overall UI aesthetic. This way, each dialogue wheel now matches the rest of the UI for each game in the trilogy. Optionally, you can also choose to keep the dialogue wheel consistent and change LE3's wheel to match LE1/2 orange one.

The biggest change I want to make is still in the concept phase and will hopefully be added eventually. Have a look and let me know what you think of this design:

Important Note Regarding Functionality
  • I highly recommend setting the Subtitles size to Small in the LE Launcher. There is currently no easy way to scale the subtitles because they are hardcoded.
  • Due to the way LE3 handles fonts, you will not see this mod activate in 3 until you load a save or start a new game. Afterwards, it will remain loaded until you shut down the game, even if you return to the main menu.

Ensure you install this mod AFTER the LE1 Community Patch, as that mod contains fixes for LE1's HUD that will overwrite this mod if installed afterward (this mod also contains the fix - thanks HenBagle!).


Use the Mod Manager Download button, or drag the .7z into the ME3Tweaks Mod Manager and install.
This mod CAN NOT be installed manually due to the fact that it heavily relies on ME3Tweaks Mod Manager's merge feature to install changes to core startup files.

Technical Info for Modders

Main Developer - Audemus
Early Concepts and Prototyping - d00telemental

Font Adjustments - Dravic
LE1 Community Patch HUD Fixes - HenBagle
Testing - Olivia | Perceptive Earth, Lunk

Special Thanks
Kinkojiro for allowing me to include EGM's UI files in the mod to ensure a consistent experience when using EGM with this mod.
Mgamerz for his work on Mod Manager's merge feature, especially the Comic Sans demo, which was very useful as a template to follow when creating this mod.