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About this mod

LE port of Citadel Epilogue Mod by Deager.

Play the Citadel DLC post-credits and experience the ultimate "Shepard Survives" feeling. No Cerberus. No war. No Reapers. Just fun.

Permissions and credits
Citadel Epilogue Mod (LE)
Original OT Mod by Deager. Ported to LE by Autoola with assistance by Audemus & Scottina123.

  • Play the Citadel DLC post-ending, with all references to Reapers, War and Cerberus removed.
  • Comes in 2 options: CEM Full to play the entire DLC post-ending or CEM Lite for just the party.
  • Highly recommended to use alongside Audemus' Happy Ending Mod (Version 1.4 or above) but will work on a vanilla ending too (though destroy ending is obviously forced).

Core Features

1. Edited to make complete narrative sense post-ending.
Out of over 4,000 lines of dialogue and text, CEM changes less than 5% of the Citadel DLC to allow it to take place after the credits. There is no talk of war, the Reapers, Cerberus, or "winning."

You can also opt to use Lite version of the mod, to play the core Citadel DLC and meetups during the main story and then celebrate with a party after defeating the reapers.

Not required at all, but story-wise the Citadel Epilogue Mod makes the most sense to use with Audemus' Happy Ending Mod (a AHEM ---> CEM transition patch is included in AHEM version 1.4 or above).

2. Ultimate Party
With this option after throwing the first phase of the party, instead of choosing to either have the next two phases be relaxed or rowdy, the party will instead go through phases 2 and 3 of relaxed, and then phases 2 and 3 of rowdy. Essentially, except for the few nuances between the relaxed and rowdy versions of phase 1, you can now experience all party phases in one playthrough when finishing the game. You may toggle this feature on/off in the mod settings menu, or during installation if using the non-framework version of CEM.

3. Miranda/Jack go to the Normandy
This option allows a romanced Miranda or Jack to turn and walk towards the Normandy during the goodbye scene instead of away from Shepard and the crew. You may toggle this feature on/off in the mod settings menu, or during installation if using the non-framework version of CEM.

4. No Thane Memorial
This option prevents Kolyat from emailing you about holding a memorial service for Thane. This is a legacy feature from OT CEM, where ending mods had the Citadel DLC take place several years after ME3's ending and so it felt strange to some to hold a memorial for Thane years later. This is less necessary when using AHEM, as the DLC takes place only a year post-ending. You may toggle this feature on/off in the mod settings menu, or during installation if using the non-framework version of CEM.

5. Goodbye Music Options
There are 3 options for the music in the final goodbye scene:

  1. Vanilla Music (Default) - The original track, slightly edited for the new length of the scene.
  2. Victory Music - A more upbeat and victorious theme.
  3. Das Malefitz Music - A remixed version that includes Das Malefitz, the credits music for ME3.

6. A special surprise after the true ending.
Once you return to the Normandy for the final goodbye, you'll return to the main menu, where a small detail has been adjusted to bring closure to the game. You'll have to play the mod to find out what it is :)


Can I install this mod mid-playthrough?

You can as long as you haven't visited the apartment (if using CEM Full) or have not yet picked up the party supplies (if using CEM Lite). Otherwise do not install the mod or you will experience major bugs when the game tries to put you into the DLC post-ending.
Perfect timing for a mid-playthrough installation is before entering the Normandy after the coup.

Can I use CEM without an ending mod like AHEM?

Yes. You will be forced to choose the destroy ending, however (including not being able to shoot the Catalyst - sorry) and the mod won't make a ton of sense narratively-speaking considering what happens to the Citadel in the ending, but you'll be able to play through with no problems.

Is this mod compatible with Project Variety?

Yes! As of PV v0.5.7+ the mod is natively compatible with CEM. For more information about compatibility with other mods, see the Compatibility section below.

How were the lines edited? Did you use AI? What other changes were made?

Pretty much all edits are either truncated versions of the original lines (often just removing a few words) or were replaced/spliced with lines from Mass Effect 2 and a few from Mass Effect 1 and 3. All lines are fully lipsynced as well. Additionally, most of the dialogue edits were to ambient NPCs - in terms of plot-critical dialogue, very little required tweaking.

A lot of edits were also made to non-voiced lines, such as emails (particularly the Armax Arena ones). The ads have also been changed where appropriate (such as removing the many Sanctuary ads, or replacing the Alliance recruitment poster with a post-war "Help Rebuild" poster).

Can I start NG+ after completing CEM?

You can indeed. The NG+ flag is set in your save after the credits roll, so you'll be able to import your save at any point after that, including after completing the Citadel DLC with CEM. Weapons/upgrades obtained during CEM will also import into a NG+ playthrough.

Are you planning on adding anything else in the future?

Voiced localization for French, German and Italian will be coming in the future.

There are also some new, experimental features that are being worked on to further enhance the CEM experience. As these features are only in a concept phase at the moment, you'll have to wait and see.

Compatibility & Requirements:

  • The main downloads of CEM (Full & Lite) require the LE3 Community Patch & Framework version 1.6.4 or above.
  • There are optional non-framework versions available, but they will not be supported in terms of compatibility with other mods.
  • An AHEM --> CEM Transition patch is included in Audemus' Happy Ending Mod. (Version 1.4 or above)
  • A compatibility patch is included for FemShep v BroShep: Duel of Your Shepards
  • Project Variety v0.5.7+ and LE3 Diversification Project v1.0.3+ are natively compatible with CEM
  • CEM contains several pre-rendered cutscenes created using A Lot of Videos. You may want to use ALOV to ensure all videos are of matching quality.
  • CEM is fully compatible with Take Earth Back.
  • CEM supports English VO only for now - text translations are included for all languages except for Polish and Japanese (coming soon).

Patches for CEM are included in the following mods:

After installing EGM look for EGMSettings.ini in MELE\Game\ME3\Binaries. Change the value of "InitPlotManagerValueByIndex 29333 int X" to "InitPlotManagerValueByIndex 29333 int 6" and save file. This prevents the email about shore leave from being sent. Keep in mind that every change in EGM settings afterwards will set back your edit for Citadel DLC in ini file, so you have to do it again.

CEM is semi-compatible with Starchild-Be-Gone, provided that you are using AHEM and install that mod AFTER AHEM. This will allow you to use SGB's shorter dream sequences.

CEM is semi-compatible with Unextended Cut, as that mod is highly modular. The following installation components are compatible:
  • War Assets
  • Beam Run
  • ALL other Unextended Cut install options need to be set to "Extended Cut" to ensure smooth compatibility. CEM is NOT compatible with any other installation option.

CEM is not compatible with Poly-Romance Mod


This mod can be installed with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager or manual using an installer. Inexperienced users should use Mod Manager.

AHEM should always be installed after CEM!

Mod Manager:
To install, drag and drop the downloaded .7z file into the mod manager interface. Either install the mod immediately, or import it into your mod library, and then click "Apply Mod". You can also use the "Download with Manager" button to download the mod directly into the manager.

Download your preferred version of LE:CEM. If neccessary unzip the zip folder and double click on exe file. Installation will start. Non-framework users have to update their TOC files after installation using Mod Manager. If you never wanna deal with this again, install ASI mod AutoTOC from SirCxyrtyx (using Mod Manager).

Credits & Special Thanks:

Original Developer of CEM: Deager

Original CEM Credits:

CEM Port:

Special Thanks to Exkywor and Sil/Tydeous for help in streamlining the optional features into a single set of files for use with mod settings menu.

Built using Legendary Explorer by ME3Tweaks, and built on top of files from LE3 Community Patch.


First of all THANK YOU to Deager for making CEM! And for his patience and his advice and for being super kind.

Of course, thanks to the translators. You all did such a great job! (And I know, I'm a little bit nitpicky. Sorry. -Autoola )

Thanks to the developers of ME3Explorer and Legendary Explorer
Thanks to BioWare and EA for Mass Effect and Mass Effect Legendary Edition.
And thanks to cfs3corsair for testing and giving feedback.
Shout out to Euderion for giving us permission to use his Chora's Den logo.

Additional thanks to our Discord communities:
Mass Effect Modding