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Just a bunch of small mods I made for myself and decided to share. The project file is included for each mod so feel free to change, add or remove however you like, no permission needed.

Permissions and credits
The mods are made with the latest version ( of the editor so you need to use the latest version of the Mod Maneger to install them. You can download the latest version here or find it on the Frosty Discord in the announcement topic. Simply copy paste the new version onto your old mod maneger and your old settings and be saved. 

Infiltrator Profile
The infiltrator profile has been changed:
Accuracy replaced with melee damage
Stability replaced with combo damage
Scoped Highlights replaced with stealth on melee kill
Stealth Evade only when holding a weapon. Jetpack evade is used in exploration mode and while jumping in combat.

Carbon Be Gone!
Removes the carbon texture maps from the pathfinder, guardian and N7 armors.
+ the arm stripe from pathfinder and N7
(Intended to be used with logo removal mods)
No Tiny Bags!
Removes the tiny bags (and belt) from the pathfinder and guardian armors.

Remnant Armor Replacer
Looks like pathfinder

Angaran Armor Replacer
Looks like guardian and chest piece increases melee damage instead of construct damage.

Peebee Outfit
Scavenger armor with a remodeled and recolored Deep Space helmet when exploring.
Regular PB clothes otherwise.

Jaal and Vetra Outfits
Small edits to Jaal and Vetra:
- Jaal only wears monocle when exploring
- Jaal's cape is slightly darker
- Vetra only wears her "glasses" when exploring

Sandstorm Replacer
Changes the Sandstorm assault rifle to look like the Reegar Carbine shotgun.

Cade, benji, derwangler and GalaxyMan2015 for the Frosty Tools
Padme4000 on the Frosty Toolsuite Discord for being a hero
EbenHawke for sharing their project files