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Change the Andromeda colour theme for all outfits to be red and black

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Fed up of Andromeda's white and blue colour scheme? Want something different...

This mod tries to change some of the core NPCs to a Black and Red theme outfits. This is a continuation of this mod which already re-colours plenty of the main characters to a black theme (with red highlights) - Various Squadmate and NPC Outfit Recolours

As modding Andromeda is new to me, as I learn new things, I will build up documentation on how to mod the game. As well as where resources are located so people can do this themselves. Check out this Git repo if you want to see what I have documented so far: How to Mod Mass Effect Andromeda - GitHub Resources

All mod files contain the fbproject so you can see how I edited the outfits.

What have been created so far:
  • Nakmor Kesh
  • Tiran Kandros
  • Jarun Tann
  • Nexus Operation Centre NPCs - Turian Science Officer and Salarian Medical Officer

As I play through the game I may add more textures for other NPCs as I see them.