Mass Effect Andromeda
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New, improved and better looking Heleus Icon Armor!

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[Mod introduction]
The Ultra-rare in MEA is kinda meh if I say so my self. I am an RPG guy and Ultra-rare should feel and look Ultra-rare and when it comes to the base-game Heleus Icon Armor, it FAILED. So I made a mod that increases the effectiveness of the armor set, by boosting the stats, by adding some additional stats to the complete set and giving it a sexy armor-swap to make it really feel like an ULTRA-RARE.

What did I do?
> Completely redone the Heleus Icon Armor set [RANK 10] from scratch.
> Heleus Icon Armor set now has an increased amount of player power/ stats (Both helm and chest)
> Armor swap: Heleus Icon Armor > Heleus Defender Armor (Everyone can use)
> Armor swap: Heleus Icon Armor > Scavenger Armor (DLC Armor)
> Armor swap: Heleus Icon Armor > Scavenger Armor V2 (DLC Armor)
> Armor swap: Heleus Icon Armor > Deep Space Armor (DLC Armor)

> Also see
Remnant Armor Rank X Overhaul

> Why did I also do an Armor Swap to Scavenger Armor and Deep Space Armor? 
A > Because I like how it looks! Makes it feel even more ULTRA-RARE and since we paid for it, so why not?! 

The result?

> Giving Heleus Icon Armor Set the true ULTRA-RARE treatment.
> Giving Heleus Icon Armor Set a sexy [DLC] armor-swap of your choice. 
> More info? Read the STICKY.

How to?
> Only use ONE file at any time.
> Yell AeroShok999 at a random tree in the park, while people are watching.
> Intstall the mod like normal.
> Save the game and load the game.
> Craft Heleus Icon Armor [RANK 10]
> Go to loadout and equip it.

NO 2 is REALLY needed! Trust me!

Note: You can not drop and drag the 7zip file into Frosty. You need to manually extract the mod file and place it in your mod map, desk where ever. Then you need to manually import the extracted mod file via Frosty, like normal [Import mod(s)]

Known issue:
Since I play NG+ with rank 10 already in the pocket, everything was working perfect at my end. A player has reported, that the game crashes when using my mod BEFORE you research rank 10.


> Research RANK 10 first.
> Save the game.
> Then apply mine armor mod like normal, via Frosty.
> Craft the Armor (Rank 10) like normal.
> Save and reload.
> Go to loadout and equip it.

What do you need? 
> MEA Deluxe or Super Deluxe Edition (only for: Scavenger Armor and Deep Space Armor)
> Suggested difficulty to play on for most engaging gameplay: Hardcore or Insanity (lower difficulty might be boring with this mod)


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