Mass Effect Andromeda
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well, no more USELESS RemnantVI, she maybe stronger than the companion herself

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this mod will make RemnantVI a little bit OP or she maybe stronger than the companion herself
recommened use this mod on HIGH or NIGHTMARE difficulty

this image is Rank 1 remnantVI, it's not fully upgrade yet. if this one you feel too OP, try ver 2.
VER 2:

ADDING OPTIONAL: NO REMNANTVI FLYING SOUND (laser, missile, hurt sound, etc, still remain, remove only flying jet engine so you dont get your head hurt everytime near her)
this mod i make just for fun, it little bit OP so dont overuse it or you will get bored, but who am i to judge, let your remnant clear entire enemy camp LOL 

use frosty mod manager to install

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Increased Kett And Remnant Spawns
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