Mass Effect Andromeda
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A bunch of little mods that don't really warrant separate mod pages. Some of these have been floating around on my blog for a while.

Permissions and credits
Cora's Helmet for Ryder
  • Swaps all three tiers of Initiative Helmets to use Cora's full-visor helmet, female only.
  • Note there are a handful of doofy moments in the prologue, normally hidden by the vanilla helmet, where Ryder's lipsynch is just absurdly off.
  • Files modified: appearanceitem_helmet_andromeda_01/02/03_female

HM Hoodie No Pathfinder Patch

  • Really I just made this so I could have casual fridays Liam in the hoodie with Initiative logo.
  • File modified: hmm_arm_pathcasa_hoodie_mask/diff/n/tint

Hyperguardian Armor No Logo

  • Removal of that C8 logo on the hyperguardian armor bc it's an ugly eyesore.
  • Files modified: hmm_arm_a_trso_diff/mask/mm/n/tint

Jaal No Monocle

  • Why does Bioware keep putting random floating glowing bits in front of squaddie's faces I DON'T GET IT.
  • Pairs well with Vetra No Visor.
  • File modified: agm_jaal_monocle

N7 Armor No Logo AIO

  • Complete removal of N7 logo from helmet and torso armor for both genders. Yeah, it's not a unique idea.
Files modified:
  • hmf_arm_n7_torso_diff/mask/mm/n/tint
  • hmm_hlm_e_diff/mask/mm/n/tint
  • hmm_arm_n7_torso_diff/mask/mm/n/tint

Shut Up Vetra

  • Silences Vetra's tour of the Tempest.
  • I don't actually remember renaming this to Shut Up Vetra but it'll always be Vetra, No Stalking! in my heart.
  • File modified: hub_tem_roomintros_a
We Know It's Hot On Elaaden
  • Silences all the whining the instant you step out of the shade. We know. It's hot. We've heard.
  • File modified: dune_1000_hazards_b
These taste delicious paired with Dialogue Annoyances Remover and Shut Up SAM.

Vetra's Matching Helmet

  • Vetra's helmet now matches the colors of her armor. 
  • More transparent visor, similar to Cora's.
  • File modified: tuf_hlm_b_vetra_model_mesh