Mass Effect Andromeda
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Several small mods that don't need their full fledged own page or are just slight variations of already existing mods.

Permissions and credits
This page is for all of these small mods that were not initially intended to be made publicly or do not warrant a full fledged own page. All of these mods are optional and independent of each other.

Files in the download Section are:

Gameplay Changes mod:
  • Cryo Debuff now also increases cryo-damage, to offset this, the debuff against armour is reduced to 30% from 50%
  • Cryo Debuff now also adds a 5% damage bonus against health.
  • Soldier Profile Rampage: initial window increased from 5s to 10s. Added up to 20 stack, each providing a damage bonus of 1/(2+SumOfStacks*) instead of a single 50% bonus (Bonus is additive).
  • Adept Profile: Secondary biotic exlosion damage radius now is half the original explosion radius. Was 2m+generic radius bonus before, instead of 2.5 + all applicable bonuses.
* SumOfStacks is updated with each application, so the damage bonus goes from 33% to 90.1%.

Fixes Addendum:
  • Fixed Cora's offensive5 soldier anti-armour bonus being always applied, even when the skill is not taken
  • Fixed Drack's Rage anti-armour bonus not being applied when his offensive5 veteran skill is not taken
  • Fixed Cryo and Incediary ammo not receiving the appropriate bonus provided by their boostin weapon augments.
  • Fixed incorrectly displayed SavingBarrier Health Threshold for Ryder and MP Chars. Also fixed saving barrier not taking the actual set value into account, but a default value.
I hope this one eventually becomes part of the amazing MEA Fixpack by Nightwolf. Until then, it is available here.
Note when trying to alter the SavingBarrier Threshold:

Squad Changes:
This one was created over Christmas 2018, I didn't make notes so I only know that it was supposed to make Squaddies' weapons do more damage and prevent puny humans from having more health than a millennia old Krogan.
  • Drastically increases the gun damage of squadmates.
  • Drack now has 1.5 times the stock health, while most other squadmates instead saw a reduction of health bonuses.
  • To counter the decreased health, this mod increases given damage reduction, duration, or shields returned for some skill evolutions.
Note: If you use this and the Fixes Addendum together, let the SquadChanges overwrite the Fixes mod. (Needs to be lower in the mod list)

NonExclusive Vintage Heat Sink:
Made by request. This one is supposed to alleviate the implications of the Vintage Heat Sink being incorrectly specified as special augment instead of behaviour augment. The heat sink is now a normal augment.

Faster Detonation Cooldowns:
Almost exactly similar to Combo Cooldown Removal by zeugeney. But this version reduces the cooldown from 4 seconds down to 2 seconds, instead of 1 second.

Melee Priming Guarantee:
This mod sets the combo priming chance/strength of the Angaran Electric Firaan and the Kett Vakarsh to 100. Their original values were 35 and 75 respectively, which meant that at least 3/2 succsessful hits were necessary within a short timeframe (2/3 seconds) to prime the target for an elemental explosion.
The new value ensures priming with each hit.

Nova Detonator:
Again, almost exactly the same as Charge Prime Nova Detonate by Ooogen/zeugeney. Though this version only makes Nova a detonator and does not change charge.

Better Bouncing Projectiles / Ricochet System:
Increases the Speed of the ricochet augment projectiles from 50 to 300, and slightly decreases the gravity scalar. The ricochet system is still not usefull for anything 'long range', but at least one can now hit enemies more than a meter away.

Better Barricade:
Increases initial duration to 30 seconds. Increases Rank 2 and 4 duration bonuses and Rank 4 power cell bonus. Also doubles rank 6 electric barrier damage.

Better Fusion Mod of Shielding:
Increases the shield bonus of the Fusion mod to +100%, the same bonus the mod of Health gives. It is mostly still inferior due to the lower amount of base health.
Also increases the Damage Protection from the Fusion Mod of Resistance to 35 instead of 20.

Most of the mod downloads have their respective project files included.