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An armor retexture for Peebee. Only modifies her clothes and does NOT change her face or breather mask.

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This mod replaces Peebee's armor texture. Changes include a teal jacket, darker pants and accessories, and some camo print on the pants. Please note that this mod does not affect Peebee's breather mask, so the visor will still have a purple tint to it (sorry - I tried to change it, I really did).

This retexture should be compatible with any face or helmet mods for Peebee.

- Patch 1.10 for Mass Effect: Andromeda
- Frosty Mod Manager 1.0.4 or later

1. Download Frosty Mod Manager here
2. Download my mod and extract contents to a location of your choosing
3. Open up Frosty Mod Manager
4. Add my .fbmod file to the mod manager by clicking on 'Import mod(s)'
5. Double-click the mod or click on 'Apply mod(s)' to activate it
6. Launch the game through Frosty Mod Manager

Mods Included in Screenshots
- Jenya's Eyelash Replacer by Jenya66
- Peebee Tweak by Ellise
- REMNANT - Eyes of the Void by MokChaoticran (deleted)