Mass Effect Andromeda
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No more scavenging. With some exceptions, enemies and containers will only drop credits.

Permissions and credits
No more scavenging!

With some exceptions* enemies and containers will now only drop credits … lots of them.

The amounts are fixed depending on enemy type or container rank and vary between 150 and 4800 credits.

To get you started, the first container you encounter during Planetfall will grant you 40,000 credits. By the end of your first mission you'll have collected enough credits to buy all the ingredients you need to craft your first armour and weapon.

Spend your riches at the Tempest Superstore. It stocks everything you need for crafting, augmenting and modding.

This mod is definitely not for you if you enjoy spending hours on end
  • waiting to unlock the one planet that has the minerals you need to craft the armour you want because buying them now is far too expensive.
  • driving around in your Nomad – once you’ve unlocked that planet – mining like a maniac for every single bit of that mineral, only to somewhere down the road realise that by now you’ve collected far more than you’ll ever need.
  • performing untold and unseen acrobatics to reach a container holding – who would’ve thought – only junk. But hey, isn’t it immersive to read all those fancy salvage descriptions? It really ties you into the story.
  • carrying that same junk to a merchant and selling it for almost nothing.
  • weighing back and forth what to sell or keep and never quite making up your mind.
  • scrolling up and down through your inventory – which you always believe to be too small – and never finding what you’re looking for because it’s bursting with loot you think could come in handy at some point but never does.
  • collecting AVP to unlock those perks that increase the size of your inventory, only to realise a bit later that it’s become too small again and even more difficult to manage.

* Architects, hidden caches and containers with scripted inventory.

  • v2.1 reduces the amount of credits found in the first container to 40,000 for a more balanced experience.
  • v2.0 drastically reduces the amounts of credits found in enemy drops and containers for a more balanced experience.

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