Mass Effect Andromeda
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Now the Tempest Kiosk stocks ALL Weapon Mods // Materials // Augmentations // Nomad Upgrades & Paint Jobs // Consumables and more

Permissions and credits
Latest update addresses a bug where selling items on the Tempest would yield no credits.

The Tempest kiosk now stocks
  • 1,000 pcs of each material
  • 100 pcs of each consumable
  • 50 pcs of each uncommon augmentation
  • 5 pcs of each rare and ultra rare augmentation (new in version 2.0)
  • 5 pcs of each mod slot augmentation
  • 5 pcs of each fire type augmentation
  • 5 Remnant decryption keys
  • 1 piece of each weapon mod
  • every Nomad paint job
  • every Nomad upgrade

In case you feel like this still isn't enough: simply save and reload to restock.

Important:  This mod requires a little bit of cooperation from your side, given that I had to build a different version for each rank.**  That means every time you unlock a new weapon rank you'll have to switch to the corresponding version in the Mod Manager.  Since this only happens every 10 level ups, I believe it to be a minor inconvenience.

** I had to build this mod up from scratch and add every item by hand, because for some reason there was no other way to get it to work.  First, simply applying the method used by other merchants would reset the weapon mods in the Tempest kiosk to Rank 1 every time you (re-)loaded the game.  That means you had to leave the Tempest and come back for the kiosk to show the correct rank again.  That was a deal breaker, and also the reason I had to build a different version for each rank.  Second, for some stupid reason the merchant's supply table for rare materials is the same as the loot table for rare materials found in the field.  Increasing the stocked amount to 1,000 pieces would mean that you'll also get 1,000 pieces when looting a rare material in the field.  That's one of the reasons why I couldn't use the supply/loot tables and had to add every single item by hand.

  • v2.3 addresses a bug where selling items on the Tempest would yield no credits.
  • v2.2 adds missing Shotgun Spare Clip variant at Rank 2
  • v2.1 minor changes to the mod descriptions
  • v2.0 adds all rare and ultra rare augmentations

The font used in the thumbnail is named Aadhunik and was created by Hareesh Seela.

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