Mass Effect Andromeda
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Adds new R&D projects for the Sovoa, Shorty, Silhesh and Kishock to their respective R&D screens, So that these weapons can be crafted.
Does not overwrite other R&D projects in doing so.

Permissions and credits
As of 2019-09-22 this mod is deprecated: Please use the new, fully save game compatible Groundside Firepower Pack instead

This mod adds new Research and Development projects for the MP weapons Sovoa, Shorty, Silhesh and Kishock and adds them to the R&D screens.

This is a continuation of the ME Andromeda Weapon Pack by LegendDarkness97.
The changes compared to his original version are:
  • these weapons don't overwrite other research projects*
  • the Sovoa's develpment process requires the same materials as the Isharay sniper rifle
As such this mod starts with version 2.0 and does not require his original version.

Due to the way items are written to ME:A save files, the game does not distinguish between the
newly added crafting recipes and the ones they were piggybacked onto.
This means that upon game loading, all new recipes are converted into the whatever they were packed onto.
I added a workaround that rewards the new recipes whenever their carrier file is detected.
This means that researching the new weapons will also award their carrier, and researching the original carrier will award the new weapons projects. I'm sorry but see no other way to remedy that.
The reason i did not see this problem earlier is that i must have mixed up references/assets of Cora's shotgun while making and testing that mod. So instead of testing whether the piggybacked files are saved, it tested whether i receive the original file that was used unintentionally.
I'm really sorry that this has not come to my attention sooner, otherwise this mod would not have been published as it was.

Compatibility Notes:
  • If you use the my Andromeda Firearms Rebalanced mod: The rebalanced MP weapons mod under optional files is now a standalone mod and includes this one. As a result the mod on this site is not needed when you use the rebalanced mp weapons mod.
  • If you use the Researchable Halberd or the Researchable Halberd and Pilgrim from the same site, you need to use the appropriate compatibility patch from that site. Otherwise one of the mods will not apply properly. Load the patch after both the mp weapons mod from this site and the other mod (lower in the mod manager) for both mods to work concurrently.

* This mod uses the piggybacking technique and does alter R&D files of the Zalkin, Rozerad, Piranha, BlackWidow in addition the Milkyway and Alien -CraftingProgressionBase files and the MasterItemList.
As such it will be incompatible with mods altering the same files, unless a compatibility patch exists.