Mass Effect Andromeda
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Melee Weapon Damage increased by 2 or 3 times compared to Vanilla values.

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Hello, first mod here. Nothing too advanced but I figured, we've got a x10 Dmg mod as well as a 30-40% increase. Here comes 200 and 300% increase. Initially, I made the Triple Damage mod (X3) but it was too much I thought (took almost exactly the whole health of a normal Kett @ level 132 (1.10) so I made a double damage mod as well. I'll just include both.

I'll add some notes below that I made, it was actually quite interesting to make this, considering I had to go blind due to the poor information provided by the editor.

Below is the path so if you want changes, you can do this yourselves. 
Once inside the path below, you will see 112 lines. Expand that and you will have 0,1,2,3. Weapon damage is the first (0). I don't know what 1 is, could be attack/animation speed. 3 is Damage over Time (DoT), and only seems to exist for the Vakarsh (which is correct of course). 

Path: game\exceldataimports\meleestats

Omni Blade - 605
0-9 / 11-20

Bio Amp - 605
11-20 / 0-9

Angaran Firaan - 550

Electric Firaan - 385

Asari Sword - 880
44-53 / 55-64

Korgan Hammer - 880
55-64 / 44-53

??? - 1210
66-75 (no idea what this is)

Cryo Gauntlet - 440

Kett Carfalon - 715

Kett Vakarsh - 660 - 242 BURN

The format is;

Weapon name - Rank X Vanilla Damage
Line(s) in the editor

There is a gap between each of the items, no idea what it is though, or why. There is also something that looks like a weapon with a Vanilla damage of 1210 on line 75. I didn't manage to figure out or find this weapon in-game. 

Anyways, two files. Double Damage and Triple Damage.

Have fun!