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Appearance swap for Reyes, replacing his Exile outfit with leather jacket. Compatible with outfit retextures.

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This is a small mod that swaps Reyes' default outfit (human exile) with male Pathfinder's Leather Jacket.
To ensure compatibility with texture mods, installation is modular: textures can be applied separately, from any mod you prefer.

I tested it with Kadara scenes I had saves for, but not all (yet). Let me know if you encounter any problems (especially with endgame).

Archive contains three mods:
* kadara_reyes_jacket_only.fbmod <-- swap file
* kadara_reyes_jacket_textures.fbmod <-- optional jacket textures
* kadara_reyes_shirt_textures.fbmod <-- optional shirt textures - black recolor & logo removal

shirt_textures are SHARED by most casual outfits (shortsleeve, longsleeve and male jacket) and this retexture will remove any tinting possibilities.
It's a quick recolor I made for myself because I don't use these outfits anyway, but most players SHOULD AVOID this one.

Similar with jacket textures, these modify male casual_04 outfit, removing any tinting / customizing options.

Use Frosty Mod Manager

All made possible thanks to Ehamloptiran and his Frosty Tool Suite.
Some screenshots might show (off :D) Ravashing Reyes Vidal mod by MokChaoticran.