Mass Effect Andromeda
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Tired of negative stats on your Fire Mode Augments? Looking to beef up your weapon a bit or maybe alot! I also included 3 Cheat mods to turn your weapon into something worthy of a God!

Permissions and credits
This Mod is designed to improve weapon fire mode power, changing the stats of Automatic, Burst and Single Shot Fire Mode Augmentations.

Unfortunately I have been unable to figure out how to get rid of the annoying original stats message from appearing both when crafting or on the crafted weapon. IGNORE them, as you can see via the pictures above, you can see the end product stats DOES NOT contain the original stats implied, all stats shown below are what you can expect.

Files Included:

Stray's No Penalty Fire Mode Mod - All negative penalties have been removed.

Stray's Positive Penalties Fire Mode Mod - Yep you guessed it, all negative stats are now positive., eg; -50% Clip Size is now +50% Clip Size

Stray's Double Stats Fire Mode Mod - All positive stats have been doubled, all negative stats removed.

Stray's Elite Fire Mod Mod -

This mod is the first of cheat mods but does not make it OP. It gives you a nice buff of 100% to the following stats: 

Weapon Damage, Weapon Force, Weapon Rate of Fire, Accuracy, Stability, Reload Time Reduction, Armour Penetration, Weak Point Bonus, Maximum Ammo Capacity, Magazine Clip Size & Weapons Weight Reduction.

Stray's Demi God Of War FIre Mode Mod -

This mod improves on the Elite mod, but settings are put to 500%. This turns your weapon into something beyond simple mortals! This does begin to make it a little OP, be warned!

Stray's God Of War Fire Mode Mod -

This takes it even further turning your weapon into a weapon of amazing power, worthy only to be held by a God Of War! Warning! Serious OP Power here!


These mods works with version 1.10 of the game.

Compatibility with other mods shouldn't be a problem unless they directly affect Automatic, Burst & Single Shot Augments files, and these mods only affect their stats.

1. Download and install Frosty Mod Manager (Latest Files located here):

2. Download and Unzip Files to a folder of your choice.
3. Using "Import Mod" found in lower left corner, import the mod file of your choice.
4. Select "Apply Mod" to activate it. To see which mods are applied and their order, select "Applied Mods" up the top next to "Mod Description"
5. Select "Launch" to start your game. 

A Big thanks to GalaxyMan2015 and Ehamloptiran for the Frosty Tool Suite, which made these mods possible.

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