Mass Effect Andromeda
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Replacements for the hair colors for character creation - now includes natural colors.

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A complete overhaul of the hair colors available for character creation. Affects NPCs in addition to the player.

All hair colors are altered except the greys. Features more natural blondes, redder reds, a true black, and a greater variety of browns. Stays fairly close to vanilla except for the orange-y blonde shades which I replaced with some lighter browns and auburns. Includes updated icons.


It comes in two versions - the natural colors are identical in both, the difference is in the last 18 colors in the character creator - the 'artificial' colors.

Vanilla - overhauled colors based on vanilla, but darker and more subdued. I also tried to add a bit more variation.

Jewel Tones - these are from my original 'Fia's Hair Dyes' mod. From the original description: Some are darker, toned down versions of the existing colors while others are changed completely. As the name suggests these are deep jewel tones, with lots of teals and blues

A few known 'issues':

These are for male and female hairs, but can vary a lot depending on the style chosen because each applies color differently.  The color you want may not work well for the hair style you choose.  These do work with modded hairs - could look a bit funky depending on how the color is applied though, especially with the more extreme 'highlighted' colors.

Also, this is not compatible with any other mod that also changes hair colors, even if it only affects colors not changed by this one (as all the hair colors in the game are determined by a single texture file). 
This means that the only way to 'patch' this mod with another that alters hair colors is to mix and match different parts of the same .dds file. The other mod author would have to release their texture to me so I could make one, or use mine (available in the misc. files) to make a patch for you. You don't need my permission for this, as long as I'm credited for my work.