Mass Effect Andromeda
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Alternate female complexions for character creation

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Update: All done now! Plus some little improvements to all the complexions released so far, an all-in-one replacer, and a PSD file of all my textures uploaded as a resource :)

Short Description:
Edits all the female complexions available for character creator. Check the screenshots. If you have questions, read the long description before asking ;)

Long Description:

I didn't stray too far from the originals, as I like the existing diversity. I'm of the opinion that the models used were surely beautiful women in real life, but all those little imperfections that make people look like people don't necessarily translate well when scanned into video games... Anyway, I evened out the skin tone and smoothed out the lumps and wrinkles (we're supposed to be twenty-two after all!), while leaving in the moles and freckles I felt added character. Brows are more symmetrical and defined. As I kept the skin color the same there shouldn't be a neck seam or any head/body mismatch though I haven't tested this. All screenshots are of default presets with makeup removed.

These will affect some NPCs. The thing is - for whatever reason instead of just having one of each complexion texture in the game files, there's duplicates (sometimes even more than that) of each complexion in various locations. Which 'version' of a complexion is used depends on the NPC. So, this only affects NPCs that use the textures in the chargen-specific folders. It's pretty random. I actually like the resulting variety myself.

The all-in-one file contains all my edits (the main versions only, not the alternative ones) packaged into a single mod. Good for people who want a vanilla-style universal replacer, for chargen and some NPCs, but don't want to have to download/install 11 separate files.

There are also alternate versions of each complexion (under the 'optional files') with new eyebrows (otherwise they're identical). I made these for myself, as I always play pale chicks with dark hair (because I'm boring and tend to make characters that look kinda like me). But the default brows looked too wispy on the lightest skin tones and/or didn't match my character's hair. Unfortunately I only recommend these for lighter-skinned characters as going any darker than the first 2-3 ticks on the slider makes the brows lose detail and look painted on.
A note on compatibility:
Some mods apply custom versions of these complexions to certain NPCs, so my mod will overwrite theirs (or vice versa, depending on your load order). If you really want my complexion for your character while using these mods, just put mine lower in your Frosty load order. You'll still benefit from the changes to their hair/eyes/makeup but those NPCs will use my complexion textures instead. 

If you're using the all-in-one version, load any preferred complexion replacers lower than mine to overwrite my changes.

A huge thank you to guidethisonekalaheria for the fantastic resource Perfect Imperfections. Particularly for the freckles :) You can best see them on Annie (Complexion 10), who wouldn't have turned out nearly as well without it, but I also used them for a few others to add back detail that got lost in my edits.

PSD Resource:

Contains all my textures - all my diffuse and normal maps, so you can make your own complexions. Read the included README for permissions if you want to use these for a mod intended for release!