Mass Effect Andromeda
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Retextures for three male complexions. Currently an all in one download and will probably stay that way.

Permissions and credits

You can apply any of these complexions to any preset/skin colour except default Scott Ryder.
You can use any mod that edits his complexion.
You cannot use any other mod that edits the other male complexions at the same time as this one.

Please understand that I am not taking requests at this current time.

Eyebrows from some complexions can look good on some presets, and bad on others. I can't change the head-morphs at the moment, so you're just gonna have to fiddle with some presets/brow height to get something acceptable as they are even on the textures but not on the faces. This was also a problem I ran into during the making of my female complexions. You can see that the brows fit better onto some faces and retain their shape better on some faces. I have shown in the screens which complexion the face is using so you can compare for yourselves.

This is currently an 'all in one' download at the moment. Obviously these won't appeal to everyone, so I ask that you refrain from downloading and wait for the individual files if there is one in particular you like. 
All complexions have a higher resolution, tweaked brows, and colour corrected complexions, as well as new normal maps to help Ryder look like he's actually in his 20's instead of 40's.
I have taken the screens only in the CC on quick edits of the default presets because I don't play male characters, so please add your in game screens if you take any :)

Some complexions are heavily edited, and some are just tweaked.
Currently, complexions 1, 6, and 9 are edited.
1 is a smooth and relatively thin browed complexion.
6 is a smooth and full browed complexion.
and 9 is a smooth and lightly freckled complexion.
Unfortunately, the darker the skin goes, the weird purpley the eyebrows go.
I have tried various colours and saturation to stop this from happening but it's beyond me.

Unzip file to wherever you want, then install with Frosty Mod Manager.

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