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Makes the Nomad tilt-able using either keyboard or mouse

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Nomad Tilt Mod

Tilting of the Nomad on PC is per default bound to the mouse-wheel - which is not documented anywhere and so no one knows about this.
This mod will bind tilting to either the mouse itself, or to customizable keys.
This is however not quite perfect. Especially the customizable key part.
Per Mod-default tilting the nomad backwards is bound to 'K'. To change this, find the first '[Not Used]' entry in Settings>Controlls>KeyBindings - Nomad.
The second '[Not Used]' entry contains the key for forward tilting.
As both affect the very same InputConcept, the entries will mirror each other! But the first one is for tilting backwards, while the second entry will tilt forward. This is independent of which one is used to set the primary or secondary key. Only where that key was set matters!
So be careful what you put in where.

Use only one version of the mod at a time!

Important for Uninstalling:
These key-bindings (and mouse-binding) will persist even without the mod active. To get rid of these bindings, load the game without the mod, and reset all key-bindings. This is the only way to remove them.

Additional Info:
The nomad Y achsis (tilting up and down) is controlled by 'ConceptIdentifier    : 398065046' in 'Game/configuration/input/SoldierInputConcepts', while 'ConceptIdentifier    : -1929853609' controls X steering (left and right)

Apply the mod using the Frosty ModManager.
Obligatory Special Thanks go to the creators and maintainers of the toolset.