Mass Effect Andromeda
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Increases Enemy Spawn Numbers

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Heavily increased spawn numbers for Kett and Remnant. You'll find a larger range of enemy types in each encounter you have with these two factions.

Only minimally tested in game so let me know if any problems occur, but so far so good. Expect this to make your game much, much harder.

I'll upload two seperate files, one for the Kett and the other for Remnant.

Optional Files:
Increased Remnant Spawns

Harder Insanity (10 Health with no regen, Shields start at 100 on a 2/s regen 1/s delay.. Save yourself and invest in the best health/shield augs and Shield Capacitor Consumables!)

Slower Leveling Half XP: (Reduces XP earnt by half, use if you find you are leveling too quick due to increased spawns.

Increased Kett Spawns Dropship Fix:
If you are experiencing problems with kett dropship encounters use this file in place of the main file for increased Kett

Mods I suggest you use with this to help balance your odds:

Balanced Weapons Patch by Forkinator

Better Squad by Forkinator

Increased Weapon Range by yet again, Forkinator

And, if your a REAL glutton for punishment Nightmare Mode by MesmerMonk

All credit goes to a modder named RemnantVI who mods for multiplayer over at discord for all his help.