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Enables the unused debug camera

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Warning: Might be slightly buggy (doesn't always work as intended like in the video, issue with ebx recompiling)

Description: Enables the unused debug camera

Press 9 while ingame to toggle

Controls :
- WASD to move
- F to go up, Spacebar to go down
- Mouse to look around
- Left click for super speed modifier
- Right click for turtle speed modifier
- R to Teleport Camera to Player
- C to Teleport Player to Camera
- 1 to lower FoV
- 3 to increase FoV

.FBproject included. The mod only modifies three (3) files (2 for SP, 1 optional for MP, so really 2 in total) so it's very easy to integrate into any project of your own

How to install

Use Frosty Mod Manager