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Get rid of Liam's afro hair, and bring in the short hair!

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Aren't you tired of Liam's afro? Me too! I always thought Liam should have short hair. I bring you, Liam Hair Be Gone.

This mod basically removes Liam's afro and gives him a fresh new look.

Working Now
1. Works in Casual (For example, on the ship, etc)
2. Works in Combat (While you're exploring outside the ship)
3. Works in Cutscenes (May be a few little textures issues)
4. Works in Loadout screen (Except for the icon)
5. Works in Romance/Nude Scenes (Thanks Jelin)

[Main Version] Hair Be Gone No Backpack
Original version that contains all the hair changes without the optional backpack.

[Optional Version] Combat Edition Backpack
Same as original version but with a new backpack when exploring. 

1. Use Frosty Tool Suite for MEA (Required)
2. Import liamhairbegone.fbmod or liamhairbegonecombat.fbmod into Frosty Tool Suite.
3. You can also directly import the .rar file and it will work too.
4. Make sure you only pick one version. Don't try to apply both as one will override the other.
5. Make sure you apply it and start up MEA via Frosty Tool Suite
Warning: You may have to go into the ship and back before you bring Liam out. If you use the Loadout on the pod while still on the planet and select him, due to assets already being loaded in your safe, it's possible it can CTD.

This mod should be compatible with all others mods except specifically those that swap faces/appearances for Liam. Mods that change only textures should work fine.

Version History
- Initial Test Release - Change Casual Liam's Hair
1.01 (Current Release) - Initial Release - Change Casual/Combat/Loadout Liam's Hair + Combat Edition Release

Other Projects In Development
I'm currently working on a few other mods that I will release when they are closer to being finished, such as...

Engineer Turret Overhaul
A complete overhaul of the Engineer profile focused around turrets. This isn't just a damage / power mod, it's a lot more complex, including animation, mesh and AI changes.

Squad Overhaul
A modification to squad AI, powers and making them far better in combat. Currently the system makes them feel lackluster.