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Increases Combo Damage, Fixes wrong rank6 icon

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The aim of this mod is to make shockwave more viable

Some of the Design decision behind shockwave are hard to understand, e.g., that it only deals 50% of the usual Combo Damage.
Others are plain oversights from redesign sometime during development.
For example the rank 6 anti armor evolution still uses the anti shield icon, and for PB the description text even states the incorrect anti shield behavior.

What this does:

  • This mod increases the base combo detonator damage from 0.5 to 1.3. This makes Shockwave the second best combo detonator behind throw with rank6 combo bonus.
  • Combo detonation force is also increased to 1.2 from the previous 0.5, aiding shockwave's anti mook mentality.
  • It Replaces the anti shield incons used in the rank6 anti armour evolutions of Ryder an PB with the correct version. PB's description text cannot be fixed currently. Also added a generic anti armour description text for Ryder's anti armour evolution.
  • Also removed nonsensical bonus calculation, only done for PB when the bonus in question is not available.

This mod should be compatible with mods that alter the base properties of shockwave. But it will be incompatible with those that alter the rank 6 skill or the impact file properties.
As PB has a 50% increase to combo detonations in her shockwave rank6 anti armor evolution, her shockwave damage could potentially be overpowered.
However, as she rarely utilizes shockwave under normal circumstances, I don't think this is noticeable. It is also only marginally more than the bonus Ryder can get through certain profiles.

The changes to shockwave will likely affect MP Characters as well. It is therefore discouraged to utilize this mod when playing (especially hosting) multiplayer matches.

Install this with the Frosty Tool Suite

Credits go to the creators and maintainers of the Frostbite Modding tools.