Mass Effect Andromeda
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Well hello there. Here I'm gonna be posting my retints of the casual outfits of some of the tempest crew. It bothered me that Gil, Kallo, Lexi and Suvi wasn't wearing Initiative colors, see as the are most definetly members of the Andromeda Initiative.

Cora - Alternative pattern
Gil - Vanilla & Alternative pattern
Kallo - Vanilla & Alternative pattern
Lexi - Vanilla & Alternative pattern
Liam - Alternative pattern & Hoodie swap
Suvi - Vanilla & Alternative pattern
Major Nexus Operations NPCs
Nexus Operations Bridge Crew
Other Nexus Operations Personel
Initiative Engineers
Initiative Mechanics
Initiative Constuction
Initiative Medical
Initiative Science
Initiative Security & Soldiers
Vetra's Armor (Recolor)
Liam Hoodie Swap with Buzzcut
Liam's Armor  (Recolor)
Cora's Armor  (Recolor)
Kitsumi's Cora Armor Replacer Add-On


Float values for my retints
White:  774, 794, 855
Blue: 000, 202, 434
Grey: 117, 120, 130

Thanks to Ehamloptiran/GalaxyMan2015 & Benji for Frosty Tool Suite.