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Assorted tattoos and PSDs. Also includes version with matching face textures.

Permissions and credits
Firstly, please understand that I am not taking requests. 
My mods come as they are, as I make them for myself, then add a variation, then share them here.
I am currently working part time and attending nursing school part time, and I do all of this in what little free time I have.

I will not be making male versions as I don't play male characters and tbh I can't be bothered spending time on something I'm not going to use.
I have included the PSD files for the tattoos if you'd like to put them on your male character, however.
Please do not ask for me to upload any of the Ryders in my screens.I have a personal Ryder and one game going where I constantly face swap to test mods/take screens and
I'm constantly overwriting them as they are just throwaways and I don't keep them. 
I use preset 10 as a base most of the time if that helps.
I recommend browsing for Ryders on the Nexus or the offical Mass Effect Andromeda Archives if you are unable to make your own for whatever reason.

If you don't like the mod, please move on from the mod.
Hate will not be tolerated and you'll just get blocked. 
Thanks for understanding!

This mod adds various tattoos for female Ryders. 
Where possible, I have included three versions of each; 
1. Just the body retexture.
2. Body and face retexture.
3. PSD file so people familiar with Frosty Editor and Photoshop/other image editing programs can do tattoo mashups/put it on your complexion of choice.
Please understand that I won't be providing support for how to make these at this time, sorry.
Keep in mind that any NPCs using the same face/body texture will also have their texture changed, however there aren't many 'skimpy' outfits so you won't even notice them.

The tattoos are used with permission from Surya Ink's art. I take no ownership of these designs - only editing and compiling them into Photoshop. You can visit Surya Ink on Facebook here.
Files to choose from:
1. On Amy body (complexion 1) with no face retexture. This means you can use any face retexture that replaces the Amy complexion (complexion 1 in the CC). I'm just gonna slide in and recommend my Amy retexture from here :)
2. On Amy body (complexion 1) with my Ana - Alternate face texture. Here is another picture of the complexion on preset 10. Select complexion 1 in the CC for the face and body texture to be applied to your Ryder.
3. The tattoo PSD.


This is a tattoo skin with a geometric and galaxy chest piece. Galaxy image was from a free to use wallpaper. 
Files to choose from:
1.  On Mariah body (complexion 7) with no face retexture. This means you can use any face retexture that replaces the Mariah complexion (complexion 7 in the CC). 
2. On Mariah body with my Mariah face retexture from my Complexion Compendium.
3. The tattoo PSD.


This is a tattoo skin with a floral chest piece. The line art is from the lovely Vex's CBBE Tattoos - Modder's Resource. Colouring done by me.
Files to choose from:
1.  On Ana body (complexion 2) with no face retexture. This means you can use any face retexture that replaces the Ana complexion (complexion 2 in the CC). 
2. On Ana body with a previously unreleased face texture made from a mashup of complexions from my Complexion Compendium and a few more tweaks.
3. The tattoo PSD.


This is a tattoo skin with solid blackwork and a couple of mandalas that was inspired by a friend I have with similar tattoos and also tattoo models that also have a lot of solid blackwork.
I have not included a PSD with this one as it was only ever going to be intended for personal use and not released. It also only comes with the face and body mod as the blackwork across the chest looks really off without the face texture. Also, despite the texture being straight, it looks a little uneven on the arms. Again, it started as a personal texture, so it's not perfect.
Files to choose from:
1. On Desiree body with my Desiree complexion from my Complexion Compendium + the neck blackwork added to it. Select complexion 5 to use this tattoo.

Unzip file to wherever you want, then install with Frosty Mod Manager.
Uninstall with Frosty Mod Manager also.
If you are unsure how to use Frosty Mod Manager, please visit the mod's page for links to tutorials. 

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