Mass Effect Andromeda
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Various (mostly texture) edits for NPCs.

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Firstly, please understand that I am not taking requests.
My mods come as they are, as I make them for myself then share them here.
If you don't like the mod, please move on from the mod. 

This mod contains various NPC retextures. 
I have labelled all of the screens with what the mod is.
I will be uploading more as I make them.

The retextures that are currently included are:
- Addison
(face retexture with vanilla makeup still on)
- Addison V2
(face retexture with vanilla makeup removed)

- Reyes Vidal
(no stubble)
- Reyes Vidal
(with stubble/5 o'clock shadow)

- Lexi T'Perro
(with lore friendly asari markings)

- Gil Brodie
(face retexture - general tidy up, younger look, thicker and better groomed brows)

Unzip file to wherever you want, then install with Frosty Mod Manager.
Uninstall with Frosty Mod Manager also.
If you are unsure how to use Frosty Mod Manager, please visit the mod's page for links to tutorials. 
This should be obvious, but don't have these mods active at the same time as other mods that edit the same character.

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