Mass Effect Andromeda
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Retexture of the female angara to add more detail

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I was always bothered by the fact that, compared to the males, the female angara lacked detail and looked really flat. A lot of the time, to me they were like someone had put  some strange low res bobblehead on top of the male angara body. To me, it was less 'sexual dimorphism' and that they just looked too different from the males- who are like cat-frog-bunnies, while the females are frog-humans with twi'lek head tentacles stuck on. There's not a lot I can do model wise to tweak the faces (like that godawful human nose for example), but editing the textures to have elements more similar to the males and to look less 'flat' is something I can do.

I may make edits later on if I figure out other things, but for now, enjoy some more detailed lady angara.

Edit: It's more obvious on some of them than others, so I've added some comparison pictures on request.