Mass Effect Andromeda
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Fly across the landscape like Iron Man does.

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  • Download the Frosty Mod Manager and run it. Find MassEffectAndromeda.exe if this is your first time using the manager.
  • Download the mod from Nexus ( and save it somewhere
  • Drag n' drop "" into the Mod Manager's main window. The mod will now appear in the list.
  • Double click on the mod to activate it
  • Press "Launch" to run the modded game!


  • Control your flight using the camera's direction
  • To activate flight, press Left CTRL [Vault key] while in mid-air. To deactivate, press Left CTRL once again. Flight mode can be activated in quick succession
  • To activate supersonic flight mode, hold Left Shift [Sprint]
  • To gain altitude faster, hold Spacebar [Jump]
  • To lose speed and get to lower grounds, hold Right Mouse Button [Hover]


  • Fatal falls and map boundaries have been disabled for a better flight experience
  • You will not be able to activate flight mode unless you have a clear path ahead, an error sound will be heard otherwise
  • Also included is the .fbproject for the curious one

Make sure to check the official ME:A modding Discord server!