Mass Effect Andromeda
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About this mod

A appearance change for Cora.

Permissions and credits

This mod is a continuation of jdim89's "NEW CORA (HEAD SWAP)", which is used as the foundation of this mod.

Here you find a apperance change for Cora - if you want to make her look differently. Her standard look didn't fit my taste so I altered her. I plan on adding more options and stuff to choose from - so stay tuned!

The mod contains everything to alter her apperance (for now only face and hair). If you have questions, suggestions or feedback, just give it to me! :D

(There are some very minor clipping issues, most noticable with lighting behind her.)

Note: you can still use your mods which alter Cora's outfit.
Only use one of my files at a time or it will conflict.

!This mod does not work with other mods which change her hair or face model!

Works best with:

Emo Cora by MokChaoticran- makeup only!
Various Squadmate and NPC Outfit Reclolours by jdim89

How to install:

Install using Frosty Mod Manager

Tutorial: Fr
osty Tool Suite Tutorial


-added variant 2

Special thanks to munchyfly for making the mod tools
jdim89 for his permission and base work