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Various new skin tones for Jaal

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Once I did the angaran eye recolors, I really wanted new skin tones for Jaal to compliment them.
These weren't intended to resemble the canon angaran skin colors...I just wanted some new ones :) 
So here's what I did so far. I have a few others that I'm still tweaking and I will be adding more options as I play around with them.
I was originally just planning on plopping some of the other angaran skins onto Jaal, but Jaal's maps are arranged completely different than the rest of them, so I had to recolor his. 

Available Colors:
Lime: w/hints of yellow
Stone: gray w/hints of tan
Slate: darker gray w/hints of brown
Aqua: w/hints of blue
Lilac: w/hints of green

-Obvs, they will vary a little in different lighting conditions
-my screenshots were taken during waterfall scene on Aya with no reshades. I'll try to post pics of other environments when I have the chance.
-Merge with FrostyModManager
-install only one at a time
Not compatible with any mod that edits Jaal's diffuse for head and body
Compatible with nude mod and mods that change his outfit, teeth, visor, and piercings

I'd love to see your screenshots! Images are set to auto-accept :)

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