Mass Effect Andromeda
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A streamlined, darker set of retextures for Ryder's squadmates.

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This is a WIP mod that aims to add darker clothing for Ryder's squadmates.
I personally like to have everyone wearing darker colours, and wanted to streamline everyone's attire by making them mostly monochrome with a feature colour that relates to their original texture.
Screens are taken with vanilla game lighting and colours (except for Drack's screen where I was using the less intense version of my Hypergalaxy Reshade) - colour variations in the screens are purely from different lighting in the game and have not been Photoshopped.
If it's not to your taste, please move on from the mod.
I am currently not taking requests.

(Install only one per character -
eg. you can only have one version of PeeBee's retextures ticked in Mod Manager
at one time)

- Jaal -
(outfit only)
- PeeBee -
(outfit and seperate face texture included in one file so you can pick one/both)
- PeeBee - Alternate - 
Darker, desaturated clothes.
- Cora - 
Initiative colours with darker parts and a beehive pattern.
- Cora - Alternate -
Same as the above, but even darker.
- Liam -
Similar to Cora's retexture.
- Liam Alternate -
Similar to Cora's alternate retexture.
- Vetra -
Dark colours with blue and purple hues.
- Drack -
Darker outfit with reds and a khaki green.

Install and uninstall with
Frosty Mod Manager.

These retextures are obviously incompatible with any other retextures that edit the same outfits.
I plan to do some NPC outfits too.