Mass Effect Andromeda
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various eye recolors for the angara (including Jaal)

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Update July 10th: I added 2K res versions of all recolors (very slight tweaks done also)

Update: July 1st: I added some more options for those looking for more basic recolors; no multicolored designs, just simple recolors of the vanilla eyes

These are various recolors for the Jaal/angaran eyes.
I love the blue eyes, but I like to switch it up :)
These were just for fun and to start playing around with the modding tool, but I figured I'd throw them up here also. 
-I kept them in default 1K res. I can upload 2K versions if people want them.
-Since, by game design all angara have the same blue eye color, they share one eye texture, obviously whichever mod you choose here, it will change the eye color for Jaal as well as all angara

I took inspiration from different locations in the game:

-Clouds of Meridian:
inspired by the view when landing inside Meridian: light blue-gray with large white flecks and green around the pupils
-Winds of Voeld: inspired by the bitter cold and green aurora: icy gray with blue around the pupils, and tiny hint of green limbal ring
-Skies of Havarl: inspired by the deep twilight world and its pink moon: rich purple and royal blue with magenta around the pupils
-Halls of Khi Tasira: inspired by the eerie haze and the dim lights of the abandoned station: dark blue with flecks of black and smoky orange
-Pools of Kadara: inspired by the stunning but noxious sulfur pools: vibrant aqua, green and blue with orange outer edge
-Gardens of Aya: inspired by the tropical waterfall that a romanced Jaal brings Ryder to: jungle green and blue with red around the pupils
-Tendrils of the Scourge: inspired by the twisting Scourge & its sparks of energy: very dark brown with black tendrils and bright orange/yellow flecks
-Sands of Eos: inspired by the deserts, scarce vegetation, and radioactive auroras: sandy tan with hint of green around the pupils
-Dunes of Elaaden: inspired by the vibrant sand dunes against the clear blue sky: copper with blue limbal rings
-Fires of Aya: inspired by the lava fields seen from the balconies of Aya: fiery red, orange, and amber with flecks of black

Stuff to know:
-Only works with FrostyModManager
-Install only one at a time
-Changes all angaran eyes including Jaal's 
-Compatible with eye mods for the other races.
-If you use along with this HR Eye Texture - angara/krogan/salarian/turian version, move this mod lower in your mod list so this diffuse overwrites that one (I only edited the ang_eye_diff, so their HR normal map should still install fine) 
-Not compatible with any other mod that changes the diffuse map for angara eyes

I'd love to see your screenshots! Images are set to auto-accept :)

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