Mass Effect Andromeda
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An assortment of crap for your consideration.

Cora's Helmet for Ryder

Replaces all tiers of Hyperguardian helmet. For Sara Ryder onlyShows up on Scott but it looks silly.

Asari Breather for Ryder
All helmets (Initiative, Angaran, Deep Space, Hyperguardian, Heleus, Kett, N7, Maverick, Pathfinder, Andromeda Elite, Remnant, Scavenger) have been replaced with the Asari (Peebee's) breather. Black visor instead of radioactive pink. Packaged individually. Can be used all together or individually. Tints with your armour. For Sara Ryder only. Has no affect on Scott Ryder. Will clip through Ryder's hair.

Medic A & B for Ryder
Settler Medic outfits for Scott Ryder only. File contains replacements for all casual outfits for both A & B. Pick the outfit(s) you want to replace. Tints like any other casual outfit.

Seeker of Truth Athletic Wear
Inspired by this tank top. For Sara Ryder only. Tintable (looks best in dark colours). Headphones removed. Featuring a tiny Biotic God. Recommend using munchyfly's Casual Pants Tweaks with it.

Sara Ann's Complexion
Requested by Fande. Public version of my custom complexion for my Ryder, Sara Ann. 4k resolution. Replaces complexion 0. Body texture included. May affect NPCs. No port-wine stain. Use only one version.

Flawless Skin

Requested by Elvie2. Smooth complexion with no imperfections. 4k resolution. Replaces complexion 0. Body texture included. May affect NPCs. Use only one version.

Liam - Smooth Complexion

Smooths out his normal map and tweaks his lip colour. It's hard to improve on perfection.

Jaal - Red and Black
Recolour of armour and lights. Lights revert back to their default colour in the field. If I figure out how to fix it I'll update.

Jaal - Teal and Black
Simple recolour. Matches his lights and monocle a little better than the red outfit.

Barrel Removal

Eliminates the appearance of the nubbin BW called an "extended barrel" from all the weapons while retaining the stats. Packaged individually by gun type.

Tint Removal
Eliminates the colour change that happens when applying certain weapon mods (receivers, clips, etc.) to the guns. This is not a texture mod. Packaged individually by gun type.

Black Vanquisher
Pure black. This is not a texture mod. Use with Tint Removal for consistent look.

Black Mattock
As black as I could get it. This is not a texture mod. Use with Tint Removal for consistent look.

Sweeper as X5 Ghost
Straight model swap. Pretty self-explanatory. 

Charger as Pathfinder Ranger (SMG)
Requested by stompXdown. Liam now carries the Ranger as well. Requires ME:A Deluxe Edition.

Jaal's Lanat
Coloured to match the red and black outfit I made for him. Will affect the lanat SRs Kett and/or Ryder carries.

Actually Black Black Widow and Widow
Requested by Kali8229. Pure black Black Widow. Really, really black Widow. This is a texture mod.

Black Valkyrie
Requested by Kali8229. As black as I could get it. This is not a texture mod.

Heterochromia for Ryder Guide

Cataracts for Ryder Guide

Old stuff

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All the mods shown in the screenshots were made by me unless stated otherwise.
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